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CUTPL Board Minutes for March 2019

March 2 Board Meeting

March 19 Board Meeting


CUTPL Board Minutes, March 2 2019

Time: 9:44 am

Place: Culver-Union Township Library Study Area

Members: Melanie Robertson, Flannery Posner, Bill Githens, Pamela Amick, Valerie Cultice

Members absent: Paul Liette, Karen Boland

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: quorum established

Agenda approval: moved by Bill, second Pam


Public Comment: N/A

Secretary Report: N/A

Treasurer's Report: N/A

Facilities Committee: N/A

Finance Committee Report: N/A

Policy Committee: N/A

Director's Report: N/A

Unfinished Business:

Reviewed solution from Bennett's Contracting LLC to replace incorrect ceiling tiles they installed in the lower level. Added the following three conditions to Bennett's proposed solution: 1. changed estimate to exclude IN sales taxes calculated, 2. added that care is to be taken in occupied areas, including covering of floor and furniture and 3. tiles are to be cut outdoors at this time. Trent Bennett was invited to this meeting, but did not attend. Mr. Ted Benchik, Atty., has approved the changes made to the proposal.

Motion to approve/accept proposed solution from Bennett's Contracting, with three conditions added, in the amount of $3,061.29, was made by Bill, seconded by Melanie.


New Business: N/A

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by Bill, seconded by Val.


meeting adjourned at 9:52 am.

minutes taken by Valerie Cultice, Secretary


CUTPL Board Minutes, March 19 2019

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Melanie Robertson, Paul Liette, Bill Githens, Pamela Amick, Valerie Cultice

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Not present: Karen Boland, Flannery Posner; quorum established

Agenda approval: moved by Paul, sec. by Melanie


Public Comment: N/A

Secretary Report:

minutes from 2/19/19 Meeting, motion to approve by Melanie, sec. Pam


minutes from 2/27/19 Exec. Sess., motion by Pam, sec. by Melanie


minutes from 3/2/19 Special Board meeting, motion by Melanie, sec. by Pam


Paul abstained from all – since he was not present during those meetings

Treasurer’s Report:

funds are where expected to be at this time, following remediation expenses, May will be lowest balances in operating funds. Receipts are higher than expected, spending is lower than expected. Some disbursements, due to remediation, were made from the General Gift Fund.

Motion to approve the Accounts payable Vouchers in the balance of $116,069.85, motion to approve and pay made by Paul, sec. by Pam


Facilities Committee:

The downstairs painting is complete, floor is complete (except for being buffed), ceiling is in progress – tiles have been delivered, some trim needs to be placed around the floor – Doty will do this.

The Knox Box will be installed within this week or next.

A new issue with water leaking in the windows and doors downstairs has come to light. YKK (manufacturer of the system) was called. They recommended we contact the company that installed the curtain wall so that we have someone knowledgeable inspect the windows to find a permanent solution. Their recommendation will be given to the Facilities Committee for action.

Finance Committee Report:

Cathy needs authority to look at the First National Bank of Monterey on-line statements, motion to allow Cathy Thomas to view the on-line statements at First national Bank of Monterey made by Paul, sec. by Pam


Funds in the Humbert Gift Fund at First National Bank of Monterey are earning less than possible if the Fund was moved to TrustIndiana – an estimated difference (or loss) of $899.34 in the past 9 months.

We are also considering checking with Teacher’s Credit Union – it will take from several weeks to a month to get info. The Finance Committee has also spoken with Mr. Wamsley about an investment with a higher one year interest rate of 2.15%. TrustIndiana’s policies explained by Cathy, using a projected document. They have the same rules as other financial institutions. Cathy believes it would be in our best interest to move the Humbert for now, at 2.4%.

Motion was made to move the Humbert Fund to TrustIndiana by Paul, sec. by Val.


Policy Committee:

Presented Assessments of our Long-Range Plan Service response “Create and Encourage Literacy” – goals are ongoing and encompass infants through adults.

Disaster and Safety Manual has been revised, the table of contents has not yet been updated. We will review to vote on next month.

Director’s Report:

Many volunteer hours have been logged to place Culver obituary information online in Indiana Memory, which will go live next month.

Soft opening downstairs has happened – unofficially, as we are still under emergency status at this time. Rooms have been booked, excluding the large (north) meeting room. The program of the month is a Fancy Nancy Tea Party, on Saturday April 6 at 11.

An official plan to reopen has not yet been made. We’re hoping that can occur in the near future. We would like to be able to set this date at our next meeting in April.

Our quarterly newsletter will be back, and should be out in April.

Unfinished Business: N/A

New Business:

Resolution to our State Senator Randy Head to Request a “No” vote for HB 1343. Motion to accept this resolution made by Melanie, sec. by Paul.



motion to adjourn made by Paul, sec. by Pam


meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

minutes taken by Val Cultice, Secretary

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