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CUTPL Board Minutes for October 2019

October 15 Board Meeting


CUTPL Board Minutes - October 15, 2019

CUTPL Board Meeting Minutes October 15, 2019

CUTPL Board Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Melanie Robertson, Paul Liette, Bill Githens, Pamela Amick, Valerie Cultice, Cathy Yoder, Karen Boland

Others Present: Cathy Thomas – Treasurer, Colleen McCarty - Director

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Karen Boland absent; quorum established

Agenda approval: motion to approve by Bill, seconded by Val

Public Comment:

Secretary Report:

motion to approve by Pam, seconded by Melanie (Paul abstained)


Treasurer’s Report:

Review & approve the Sept. 2019 Allowance of Accounts Payable Vouchers

Receipts ahead for the month, some expenditures are over, due to personnel changes, gas & electric, and plumbing issues.

Bond Ledger – still $10,512.85 left of the bond monies.

motion to approve by Cathy Y., seconded Paul.

Closing unused savings account at First Farmers Bank – zero balance for several years – Motion for Cathy to close Account #3470925 made by Paul, seconded by Pam


Facilities Committee:

HVAC system update – Fluid Dynamics came in to check the system to determine why we cannot meet our humidity and temperature goals. In summary, they found nothing. Our system is unable to meet the criteria set for libraries. The suggestion is to run the set point at a higher number, which has now been set at 73 degrees. Improvements have been made. Fluid Dynamics did not charge us for their audit.

Small meeting room can use a dehumidifier, since it has a small heat pump. This is where we store old financial records and the old issues of the Culver Citizen. We have received one bid at this time, but are expecting another bid.

Boiler Replacement – We have need to replace one of our boilers. We have 4 different proposals: Burnham boiler quotes are:

J&K HVAC Service - $13,270

Absolute - $12,125

Quality Comfort - $10,200

McGrath - $8,000

Motion to hire McGrath, and pay the bill from the bond fund, made by Paul, seconded by Cathy Y.


One issue with our systems has been that we were not treating our water. It is now filtered. The water tests showed an issue with the back-flow valves. Ideal Consolidated checked the back-flow valves and found that one valve leaks and the other need to be replaced. It will cost an additional $1,950 for Ideal to replace the back-flow and a PRV valve.

Motion to hire Ideal Consolidated to replace the valves for $1,950 made by Paul, seconded Pam.


Finance Committee Report:

Policy Committee:

Our Internet Use Policy must be updated annually. After review of our policy, there do not seem to be any changes necessary at this time.

Motion to accept the Internet Use Policy made by Melanie, seconded by Pam


Our Collection Development Policy has also been reviewed. Various staff members purchase our collection to meet the rights and scope of our town. The form for Reconsideration of Materials has been reviewed, and after discussion, we will not be making any revisions at this time.

Motion to review and accept the Collection Development Policy form for Reconsideration of Materials made by Pam, seconded by Melanie


Director’s Report:

In Sept. 30.75 hours of volunteer time in the library. Children’s focus is the Wizard of Oz, since it is the anniversary of the movie.

New board members and employees have had their internal controls training

Cathy T. will attend the general user meeting for Boyce Accounting, in Wabash.

Dan Buckland will be here tomorrow for the insurance inventory for the State Board of Accounts.

Food for Fines will run the month of November. On November 16, bring your favorite mac & cheese recipe for the Mac and Cheese Throw down. Bring your entries to the lower level of the library at 11:00 am.

The Culver Farmer’s Market will begin November 2 in the large meeting room from 9 am until 1 pm. They will not be storing any items here. This will run through April 2020, the first, third and fifth Saturday of the month.

Unfinished Business:

New Business:

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn made by Paul, seconded by Cathy Y.

MSC at 8:03 pm

minutes taken by Val Cultice, Secretary