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CUTPL Board Minutes for September 2019

September 20 Board Meeting


CUTPL Board Minutes - September 20, 2019

CUTPL Board Meeting Minutes September 20, 2019

CUTPL Board Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Melanie Robertson, Karen Boland, Bill Githens, Pamela Amick, Valerie Cultice, Cathy Yoder

Others Present: Cathy Thomas – Treasurer, Colleen McCarty - Director

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: All present; quorum established

Agenda approval: motion to approve by Pam, seconded by Cathy Y.


Public Comment: N/A

Secretary Report:

Motion to approve 8/20/2019 minutes made by Karen, seconded by Pam


Treasurer’s Report:

Spending was exceeded by $14,000 in the working budget - was set last year in December, this is different from the approved, appropriated budget. In Working Budget we try to spend about 85% of what we’re approved to spend. Some costs are estimated, such as the assistants’ salary, electricity and gas for the new systems, buildings and structures issues and unemployment compensation.

For the Bond ledger, our balance is $86,709.46. The roofers will be paid from this. Roofing has begun.

Motion to approve the treasurers report by Melanie, seconded Karen.


2020 Budget Information – motion to approve the 2020 Budget made by Val, seconded by Pam.


Facilities Committee:

Carnegie Library exterior door is being ordered with the grids on the exterior of the glass. The roof is being worked on at the present time. It has been a little noisy inside the library. Work should be completed by early next week. The balance of $76,905 for the roof will be paid with the bond funds, which will leave a little over $9,800 in the bond fund.

We have been able to improve our HVAC system, but we have not been able to fix the problems with the system. DA Dodd was called in, since they did the installation, to help isolate the trouble with our system. They recommended we have Fluid Dynamics evaluate the system. Fluid Dynamics should be able to isolate the specific area that needs to be changed/fixed. The test could cost between $1,500 and $2,000.

Motion made by Karen to move forward to diagnose the system to find the flaw, seconded by Pam


Finance Committee Report:

Policy Committee:

Long-Range Plan Assessments

Service Response 3. Improve the indoor environment – Action: replace the HVAC – achieved: improved system – added reheat coils, new control system software Negative -- delay led to mold problem very expensive, very challenging. Positive: – dehumidification has improved

Service Response 4 – Encourage life-long learning – Action: offer tech classes/social media – partially achieved (Google docs, privacy with phone). Positive: relevant classes and hands-on training. Negative: getting info out to the public – recommended adding a handout reference for the class.

Action: Facilitate clubs being offered: partially achieved – progress: exceptional – Positives: new clubs – life skills, crafty crabs, stem club, chess club – recommend promote Friends of the Library.

Action: Partner w/schools 4H clubs, scouts to host clubs such as robotics, Legos, arts, and crafts – Positives: offering lots of clubs – Negative: currently does not have a partnership w/local 4H clubs or scouts. Movie Nights – family movie afternoons, not currently open in the evening for movies for teens, but this could be done.

Food for Fines Policy – The board can decide that the library can take in food, in place of collecting overdue monetary fines from residents. This would be donated to the local food pantry. There would be an estimated $265 per month loss. Motion to accept the F.F.F. policy by Val, seconded by Pam


Director’s Report:

Colleen discussed a plan for a Food for Fines collection to take place the 4 weeks prior to Thanksgiving. “Mac and Cheese” Food for Fines donations to pay for overdue fines.

Volunteer hours for August were at 34.25. The new “The Maxinkuckee Reed” is out. The program of the month “Stories and Stones” is next Saturday, September 21 at the Culver Masonic Cemetery. There will be a program about it on the radio this Friday. See the display “Hoosiers and Their Hooch”. Janet Winrotte did a fine job covering during Colleen’s vacation. She is also enrolled in her final classes.

The Children’s area is extremely busy! The clubs are numerous and well attended. The new furniture has arrived, and is well liked. Plans for hosting the winter Farmer’s Market will begin here in the Carnegie room, on Saturday, November 2, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The doors will open at 8 am for the vendors. This will take place on the first and third Saturday of each month this winter.

It has been one year since the “mold” problems began.

Unfinished Business:

Karen mentioned that there is a new student liaison from the Academy. He, Ethan Eavey, will take over the lending library that Sophia began. We are searching for a student from CCMHS as well.

New Business:

Every 10 years we are due to have an insurance appraisal completed. We did not have this done this past spring, since we were still replacing items, due to the mold remediation. It may be wise to have this summary completed at this time. This reevaluation will be paid for from the Bond O. & R. Fund. Motion made to complete the Insurance Appraisal Quotation of Building, Furniture and Equipment by Buckland & Assoc. made by Cathy Y., seconded by Karen.



Motion to adjourn by Pam, seconded by Cathy Y.


adjourned at 8:08 pm

minutes taken by Secretary Val Cultice