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CUTPL Board Minutes for February 2020

February 15 Board Meeting


Board Meeting February 15 2020

CUTPL Board Minutes, February 15 2020

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Melanie Robertson, Karen Boland, Bill Githens, Pamela Amick, Valerie Cultice, Cathy Yoder

Others Present: Cathy Thomas – Treasurer, Colleen McCarty - Director

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Absent: Paul Liette; quorum established

Agenda approval: motion to approve the agenda made by Cathy Y., seconded by Melanie


Public Comment:

Secretary Report:

Review and Approve January 14, 2020 Board Meeting Minutes: motion to approve made by Cathy Y., seconded by

Melanie – Pam abstained – absent last meeting

Karen Boland has been reappointed by the School Board for another 4 years

Treasurer’s Report:

Review and Approve January 2020 Allowance of Accounts Payable Vouchers – YTD Receipts are over - due to the CRC reimbursement for the Carnegie door replacement. Materials high for January, due to items backordered from December. We are done paying unemployment, the gas and electric are off a little, but overall we are on budget.

Bond Ledger balance will be spent for computer updates (Andrew’s computer) by the end of March 2020.

Accounts Payable Register Summary – total of $100,611.43

Motion to approve treasurer’s report made by Val, seconded by Karen


Summary of 5 years of CUTPL expenditures & Projections for next 5 years – Alfred Nyby (Finance Committee/Former Board Member): Made 1.6% on average for our bank balances, due to the varying accounts. With minimal changes to the way we’ve been doing business, our shortfall by 2025 could leave a balance of $434,862 in our surplus funds. In March, Baker Tilley will report any ideas for saving funds for our library or bringing in an income of some kind.

Economic Plan Committee Report: The committee discussed decreasing business hours. Members are meeting weekly and are brainstorming ideas to save monies and increase revenue, which will be presented at the April board meeting. Next month, we will review what is going into this document, which will be presented to the public. We are hoping to introduce this issue to the public in the March newsletter. We are hopeful that Baker Tilley will have some solutions for us. United for Libraries has a checklist regarding "How to Organize a Foundation", this could possibly help us in the future. Meetings occur on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am, and the committee will continue to work on that document.

Facilities Committee:

Finance Committee Report:

Policy Committee:

Director’s Report:

Volunteer hours used in January were 54.25 hours (5 people volunteered these hours in January). The Indiana State Library Annual Report has been completed and submitted.

The Author’s Fair was successful! We received great feedback, and authors wanted to come back next year.

Unarmed Response to an Active Shooter, March 21, 10:00 am – next program.

The Purdue Extension Office will be presenting a program "Cooking Under Pressure", on March 3, at 10:00 am.

The on-going Winter Reading Program has over 70 children and adults signed up and participating.

Unfinished Business:

New Business:

Tuition Reimbursement for Janet Winrotte, who finished her last class for her Level 4 Certification. The reimbursement is in the amount of $400.

Motion to reimburse Janet made by Karen, seconded by Melanie


A possible new fundraiser "Dewey Decimal Dash", June 27, 2020, a 5K to begin and end here at the library. We also have a local author who will attend, there will also be a party (held here) at the end of the run. We will offer registration online and here at the library. Possible prizes might include: best costume, gift certificates for the Culver Farmers’ Market. We also hope to add places on our application that donors may chose to give to our programs.

Adjournment: Motion to Adjourn made by Pam, seconded by Melanie


meeting adjourned at 7:49 pm

minutes taken by Valerie Cultice