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CUTPL Board Minutes for January 2020

January 15 Board Meeting


Board Meeting January 15 2020

CUTPL Board Minutes, January 15 2020

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Carnegie Room

Members: Melanie Robertson, Karen Boland, Bill Githens, Valerie Cultice, Cathy Yoder

Others Present: Cathy Thomasw – Treasurer, Colleen McCarty - Director

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance: Not present: Pam Amick and Paul Liette; quorum established

Agenda approval: motion to approve by Karen, seconded by Melanie


Public Comment:


Secretary Report:

motion to approve minutes from 12/19/19 made by Cathy Y., seconded by Karen


Treasurer's Report:

Report on the Library's 2019 Investments – We received $17, 573.67 in revenue, with an ending balance of $723,004.61. Guarantee of 2.15% from First Nat'l of Monterey was a one year offer, up in March of 2020. Motion to approve the Report on the Library's 2019 Investments made by Karen, seconded by Cathy Y.


Working Budget – Receipts are up $20,000 for the year, spending was over the working budget by $35,862 for the year. Spending was within the appropriated budget, we spend no money from the Rainy Day Fund. From the summary, the month of December was over working budget, as we expected.

Bond Ledger has $2,762.87 left. This money is needed to replace/upgrade Andrew's computer.

December 2019 Allowance of Accounts Payable Vouchers - Register Summary – motion to approve the December 2019 Allowance of Accounts Payable Vouchers made by Cathy Y., seconded by Pam


Resolution to Transfer Funds Within the Operating Fund from Major Category to Major Category – Motion to move $805.16 from Telephone & Internet to Books, and to move $160.50 from Telephone & Internet to Non Printed Material made by Val, seconded by Melanie.


Resolution to Transfer Funds Within the Library Improvement Reserve Fund from Major Category to Major Category – Motion to move $10,000 from Buildings-Improvements to R&M- Building and Structures, and to move $5,895.53 from Improvements Non Building-Other Improvements to R&M-Building and Structures made by Cathy Y., seconded by Karen.


Economic Plan Committee Report:

Goal to present a recommendation to the board during April's meeting. Members are now discussing ideas for decreasing our expenditures.

Facilities Committee:

Finance Committee Report:

Policy Committee:

Director's Report:

January volunteer hours totaled 38 – children's and genealogy. Have several programs on Saturdays – We are finding that having programs at the same time as the Farmer's Market has increased attendance. The Club Fair will be this Saturday, January 18. Several local organizations will be there. In the Children's room, they will be celebrating the Chinese New Year. A Local Author's Fair is being planned on Saturday, February 15. A program - Unarmed Response to an Active Shooter will occur on Saturday, March 21 - to be presented by Dr. Richard Hogue, of the Indiana State Police.

Air handler unit 4 is in need of some work, unit 2 also has a situation – with a worn-out part – that will need some repair as well. Boiler pressure relief valve needs to be replaced as well, cold water is fine, hot water contains some nitrates, which are bad for the system.

Colleen will be out from the 23rd to the 30th. Janet Winrotte will be in charge. Colleen is best reached by text during that time.

Our updated web page will be going live tomorrow, January 16, 2020!

Unfinished Business:

Overdue Fine Forgiveness – Evergreen Indiana states - $8000 owed (from 2009 until the present time) – would forgive fines if we forgive them… We don't want to offend patrons, or to make them think we are going “fine-free”. It's believed that we should not pursue this at this time.

New Business:

Election of the 2020 Board Officers – Motion nominating the current officers to remain in their positions – made by Melanie, seconded by Karen. Bill Githens--President, Paul Liette--Vice-President, Valerie Cultice—Secretary, Cathy Thomas—Treasurer.


Membership Appointments to Standing Committees – Finance, Policy, Facilities – same.

Membership Appointments to Ad Hoc Economic Plan Committee – recently appointed.

Bill spoke with Mr. Ken Lukenbill about being our library attorney. Mr. Lukenbill agreed that he would like to continue to represent the library. We don't pay a retainer fee, only a $140 hourly fee.


motion to adjourn made by Karen, seconded by Melanie


Meeting adjourned at 7:58 pm

minutes taken by Val Cultice