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Assorted Boats on Lake Maxinkuckee
Sailboats on Lake Maxinkuckee

"Sailboats on Lake Maxinkuckee," a 1956 postcard.

Pleasure Boat Pastime

This postcard (undated) depicts a scene on Lake Manitou, Rochester captioned, "Pleasure Boat Pastime." Culver historian Peter Trone, from whose collection this card comes, believes that the boat in this photo was the one which was later restructured into the famous tourboat in Culver, the Maxinkuckee.

Greetings from Culver - front Greetings from Culver - back

The front and back of a 1964 postcard captioned "Greetings from Culver" and praising the virtues of "the Pontoon boat -- a new mode of water fun."

Boat Postcard - front Boat Postcard - Back

Front and back of a 1950s postcard singing the praises of both the "Shark" speedboat pictured and the famous "Maxinkuckee" touring boat.

View of Lake Maxinkuckee

"View of Lake Maxinkuckee," a postcard probably from the 1950s. The vantage point appears to be the CMA campus, slightly west of today's Huffington library, judging by the seawall and the overhanging tree, which still stands.

Sailing Race

A late 1930s postcard depicting a sailing race on the lake.

East Shore, Lake Maxinkuckee 01 East Shore, Lake Maxinkuckee 02

Two versions of 1913 postcards captioned, "East Shore, Lake Maxinkuckee." Can any readers clue us in as to the exact whereabouts depicted here?

1904 Cleveland Photo 01 1904 Cleveland Photo 02 1904 Cleveland Photo 03

1904 Cleveland Photo 04 1904 Cleveland Photo 05

Several photos from the Cleveland collection, of unknown origin and depicting unknown participants, taken on Lake Maxinkuckee in 1904.

Moonlight on Lake Maxinkuckee

This postcard, circa 1905-1910, has been colorized to accentuate "Moonlight on Lake Maxinkuckee."

Racing on Lake Maxinkuckee

"Racing on Lake Maxinkuckee," a postcard showing the sailboat presence on the Lake.

Boating on Lake Maxinkuckee

Postcard believed to be from the 1950s, depicting "Boating on Lake Maxinkuckee."

Greetings from Culver, Ind.

An undated postcard from the Mike Shesky collection captioned "Greetings from Culver, Ind." The image seems to be a generic one (though a pleasant photo of a sailboat in moonlight) rather than an actual photo of Lake Maxinkuckee.

Skiing 01 Skiing 02 Skiing 03 Skiing 04

Several photos of people skiing on Lake Max from the 1950s.

Bliss Photo

One of many photos taken by the Bliss family, cottagers on the East Shore near the turn of the century. More of the Bliss families photos (mostly of their home and Lake Maxinkuckee) here.

Greetings from Lake Maxinkuckee

"Greetings from Lake Maxinkuckee," a 1950s sailboat postcard.

East Shore Sailboat Landing

A sailboat landing on the East Shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, originally taken from a tintype, probably before the 20th century.

Sailing in the Bay, Maxinkuckee Lake

"Sailing in the Bay, Maxinkuckee Lake," reads the caption on this undated postcard, probably from the early 20th century. The bay is almost certainly Aubbenaubbee Bay, home of the Culver Military Academy.


Rowboats on Lake Maxinkuckee in a shot possibly taken from the Vandalia park steamboat pier. This photo was taken in the late 1800s or early 1900s and is part of the John Avery collection, having probably been taken by Avery's grandfather, D.R. Avery, owner of Avery's Park Cafe just west of the Vandalia depot.

The Duchess

"The Duchess," a 1905 photo submitted by Caty Rasmussen, showing members of her family in earlier times cruising on a beloved boat on the lake.

1950s Boat Photo

A beautiful photo of sailboats on the lake taken during the 1950s by the late Bill Tabor and donated by his wife Edna.

Happy Childhood Hours

"Happy Childhood Hours" says this unusual 1907 postcard depicting watercraft that long predated the aforementioned pontoon boat!

Sunset on the Lake

Variation on the image in earlier pages of this gallery, this one a 1906 postcard captioned, "Sunset on the Lake."

Under Full Sail

"Under Full Sail" a late 1930s postcard.

Boat Landing, Maxinkuckee Lake

"Boat Landing, Maxinkuckee Lake," as depicted in this undated postcard. Can anyone identify the specific location pictured here?

On Lake Maxinkuckee

"On Lake Maxinkuckee," says this 1920 sailboat postcard.


Motor and Sailboat Landing

A 1911 postcard captioned, "Motor and Sailboat Landing."

Cleveland Photo

This large photo from the Cleveland collection depicts sailboats on the Lake. The date and origin of the photo are unknown.

Sunset, Culver, Ind.

Similar to the "Moonlight" postcard from page 4, this circa 1905-1910 postcard is colorized to highlight the "Sunset, Culver, Ind."

Sailing on Lake Maxinkuckee

Also from 1910, this postcard says, "Sailing on Lake Maxinkuckee."

Sailing on Lake Maxinkuckee

A 1910 postcard captioned, "Sailing on Lake Maxinkuckee."

Station Sailboat Landing, Culver, Ind.

"Station Sailboat Landing, Culver, Ind." 1907 postcard.

Lake Outlet

The outlet from Lake Maxinkuckee as depicted in an early postcard. This is the present outlet still, on the West shore of the Lake. Notice the railroad trestle over the outlet, which still rested there until the 1980s.

Sailing Away

"Sailing Away" postcard, 1908.

Boat Landing

The boat landing on the famous Indianapolis pier on the East Shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, an early 20th century postcard from the Mike Shesky collection.

1950s Speed Boating Photo

A 1950s photo taken by William Taber showing speed boating on Lake Maxinkuckee.

Rowboat Docket

A rowboat docked on Lake Maxinkuckee in this undated postcard. Any guesses as to the specific location of this photo?

Boat on Lake Maxinkuckee

An early 20th century postcard depicts a boat on Lake Maxinkuckee.

Boats for Rent

Fascinating and rare photo from the pre-1920s, taken alongside the shore where today's town park is in Culver. The sign at left says "Boats for Rent" and almost certainly depicts Captain Morris' boat house pier on the east end of Vandalia Park, close to where the Beach Lodge rests today. In the background on the ridge can be seen the Lake View Hotel, at the site of today's Indian Trails woods between the town park and Culver Academy.

Unknown Boat Photo

Two unknown rowboaters in Lake Maxinkuckee, though the exact location of this photo is unclear. This photo was taken in the late 1800s or early 1900s and is part of the John Avery collection, having probably been taken by Avery's grandfather, D.R. Avery, owner of Avery's Park Cafe just west of the Vandalia depot