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Judi Burns' Web-Pages on Culver & Lake Maxinkuckee History

Judi Burns, whose late husband, Dave Burns, was a beloved figure in Culver's history (as fire chief for many years, local history storyteller, and one of the most sough-after stone masons in the region, having contributed to countless historic cottages and other landmarks in the area), has created an extensive online archive of information and images related to Culver history. For the convenience of interested readers, an effort is made below to present links to the various facets of her website.

History and Genealogy of Culver & Lake Maxinkuckee (the Opening Page)

A Tribute to David Burns, 1909 - 1990

The Index Page (scroll to the bottom to browse the various sections)

A Brief History of the Area

Vintage Plat Maps & Maps: Early Land Owners, Lots, and Patents on the Lake and in the Area:

Plat Maps (click a date to view the plat map):

Plat Map of 1830 - 1840

Plat Map of 1876

Plat of 1880

Plat Map of 1881

Plat Map of 1898

Plat Map of 1908  

Plat Map of 1922  

Plat Map of 1925

Plat Map of 1970's 

Plat Map of 1990's  

Other maps:

Map of the Lake & Club Houses

Topographical Map Birds Eye View of Lake Maxinkuckee
Early Land Owners Patents

Lots & Owners - 1876

Lots & Owners - 1880  

Lots & Owners - 1898  

Lots & Owners - 1908

Lots & Owners - 1922  

Lots & Owners after 1953 to Present  



The Town of Culver:

Culver Depot & Town Park

Fire Department

Vandalia Rail Road

Clubs & Businesses Around the Lake:

Antiquarian & Historical Society

Cottages Clubs by name


Ice Houses

Lake Maxinkuckee Association

Lakeshore Drive Business District

Maxinkuckee Country Club

Maxinkuckee Yacht Club

East Side Historic District

Launches of the Lake

Other Pages:

Culver Military Academy

1830 - 1840 Indian Villages

Unconnected Tib-Bits

Tragedies of the Lake