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Culver Academies' Woodcraft Camp

Photos of the Camp Grounds and Facilities

Woodcraft Camp Activities

Woodcraft Camp Council Fire

The Bird Sanctuary

The Summer School Naval Program: Boats Related links:

The Black Horse Troop of Culver

Black Horse of Culver by Helen Orr Watson


Complete Books, Catalogs, and other Writings

Woodcraft Camp - the catalog from the 1960s

A Summer Naval School Catalog, 1918

Culver Woodcraft Camp 75th Anniversary History Book by Maj. Dick Zimmerman (the complete book online)

The Summer School of Horsemanship Catalog online (1960s)

A Summer at Culver Woodcraft Camp - promotional book and catalog advertising the benefits of Culver's summer programs, probably from the 1960s.

Culver Summer Naval School Catalog, 1960s online