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Culver Academies' Woodcraft Campgrounds

The CMA track team, shown running nearby the Woodcraft Camp in its original location (opened in 1912) between the Infirmary and Riding Hall, before its move in 1930 to a point north of today's Memorial Chapel.


"The Woodcraft Camp," part of the aforementioned 1937 CMA postcard from Ted Schenberg's collection.


The Woodcraft Camp in its present-day location on the east side of SR 117, as depicted in an undated postcard (probably 1970s, at a guess).


The Woodcraft Dining Hall in the 1950s, a postcard courtesy Peter Trone.


Woodcraft Camp circa 1912. Daniel Carter Beard, founder of the Boy Scouts of America, who helped start Woodcraft, is visible at right. Capt. J.H. Beard is also visible. From Maj. Dick Zimmerman's History of the Woodcraft Camp, available full-text online here.


A 1930 photo showing a play area that once existed at the second site of the Woodcraft Camp (on the grounds of the main Academy campus then, before its move to its present location). From Maj. Dick Zimmerman's History of the Woodcraft Camp, available full-text online here.


The third Woodcraft camp, in its present location, newly-built here in 1963.


"In Camp -- Culver Military Academy." The 1906 date on this postcard indicates that the "camp" in question predates the 1912 opening of the Woodcraft Camp.


An undated postcard from Jim Croy's collection showing the Woodcraft Camp (which first opened in 1912) as it once looked, before it was moved to its present location across highway 117 from the main Academy campus.


The entrance to Woodcraft Camp where it once existed on the same side of SR 117 (which then did not exist) as the main Academy campus.


The 75th Anniversary of Culver Academy's Woodcraft Camp, a 1987 publication by longtime Woodcraft camp instructor Maj. Richard Zimmerman, who generously gave permission for us to reproduce the text and pictures from his highly informative history of the Woodcraft program. Click here to browse the entire book.



Also taken in 1930 at the second Woodcraft Camp location, this photo shows the 18-hole golf course that preceded the golf course of today (though in a different locale -- the dirt road in the background is SR 10). From Maj. Dick Zimmerman's History of the Woodcraft Camp, available full-text online here.


A 1950s view of the Woodcraft camp, courtesy Peter Trone.

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