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Culver Area Landmarks
Hotels & Inns Famous Homes & Properties

The Culver Inn

The Lake View Hotel

The Bay View Place

The Arlington Hotel

The Jungle

The Palmer House (see the Culver Inn, click here)

The Maxinkuckee Inn (see the Culver Inn, click here)

Kreuzberger Hotel

Chadwick's Hotel

The Osborn Hotel

The Bide-A-Wee

The Hotel Colonade

Crook's Hotel / Lord's Hotel

When We Were Marmont:

Images and writings from the days before Culver was Culver! - click here!

The House of a Thousand Candles.  The book -- a mystery novel -- was believed to have been written at, and about, the famous "House of a Thousand Candles" (which still stands today) on the East Shore of Lake Maxinkuckee. Read all about it and read the whole book online! More info on Nicholson here. Info on ordering the book here.

 The Maxinkuckee Chautauqua  Assembly Grounds - located on the south end of Culver, for many years the Chautauqua Assembly was known for its religious and cultural programs. Included here are vintage photos and a 1903 program from the Chautauqua.

Vandalia Railroad Station & Park

The Gazebo (or "Round Stand") at Vandalia Park

Long Point

The Bradley Cottage

The Bigley Cottage

The Maple Grove House

The "Pottawattomie Wigwam"

The "Howell House"

The Vonnegut Cottage

Assorted Cottages & Properties

The East Shore Drive Historic District - a history of the architecture, recreation, and families of the East Shore.

Public Buildings and Lands Culver Academies

The Culver Public Library

The Culver Schools

Vandalia Park / The Town Park

Main Street, Culver

Christmases of Culver's Past Other Local Landmarks

The Lighthouse in Vandalia Park

The White Swan Dancing Pavillion

Sledding Hill on Liberty Street

Culver's African-American Community



The Chapel

Horsemanship / The Black Horse Troop

Woodcraft Camp:

   - Grounds and Facilities

   - Woodcraft Camp Activities

   - Woodcraft Camp Council Fire

   - The Bird Sanctuary

   - The Summer School Naval Program: Boats

Landmark Buildings

   -The Legion Memorial Bldg.

   -The Riding Hall

   -The Gymnasium

   -The Dining Hall/Mess Hall


   -The Administration Building

   -Eppley Auditorium

   -Assorted Buildings on Campus

Campus Scenery

Naval School Images

Military Activities

WCMA: Culver's Radio Station

CMA Artifacts

Other CMA Images

Vintage Publications of CMA

Local Businesses Churches

The Painter and the Poet, a Culver art gallery, features original watercolors by Esther Miller depicting many local scenes of historical interest. Scenes of the Academy are here. Scenes of the Culver area are here.

Culver's Newspaper: The Culver Citizen

Ice Houses

Culver's Hardware Store

The Maxinkuckee Playhouse

The Maxinkuckee Vacation Club

West Shore Boat Service

New The State Exchange Bank

The Grain Elevator

Culver's Dairys

H.L. Werner's Watch Repair

Grocery Stores

Pharmacies & Drug Stores

Three Sisters Restaurant

Culver Area Restaurants

World War II Era Business Drives

Culver's Tire Recapping Shop

Assorted Businesses

Vintage Advertisements from the Culver Area

Methodist Congregation Fitting Observe Fiftieth Anniversary...1918 article by Dr. Benjamin Wiseman on the history of Culver's Methodist Church.

The United Methodist Church

Emmanuel Methodist Church

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Trinity Lutheran Church

Grace Church

Other Churches

Famous Boats & Boat Houses on the Lake Famous Steam Boats on the Lake

The Indiana Boat House

The Morris Boat House

The Walker Boat House

Mosher Boat House

The Steamer Peerless

The Steamer McSheehy

The Steamship the Aubbeenaubbe

The Steamship the Neswagee

The Maxinkuckee Tourboat

The O.W. Fowler

Assorted Steamboats on the Lake

Scenes of Naval School Boats