Emerald City and Rainbow DIY

For the 80th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz, we at CUTPL made the Emerald City as a display. I will walk you through what we did to make this magnificent city!

I will start by telling you how we did the Emerald City!

We used many different things to make our buildings and you are free to use whatever you would like. We made all sorts of buildings, so I will walk you through a couple of the ones we did and the supplies used.

Here are some basic supplies you will need:

-Paper towel rolls

-Toilet paper rolls

-Card board pieces (all shapes and sizes)

-Paint (green and gold)

-Glitter (green and gold)

-Jewels (green; all shapes and sizes)

-Glue (hot glue, mod podge and tacky glue)

We didn’t want all of our shapes to just be circular so we had a lot of different shaped buildings. We made some shapes from cutting cardboard pieces and hot gluing them together; like our triangle and pentagon buildings. Examples below.

Pentagon Building
Triangle Building

After we had all of our building shapes, we started by painting them all green. Then we gave each building it’s own individual designs. Some had lots of glitter, some had lots of gold accent, others had both. After giving them their own personality, we used glossy mod podge to give them a shiny look.

The building above, is one of our personal favorites, is inspired by the Smurfit-Stone Building in Chicago.

Once we had all of our buildings painted and glittered, we started arranging them in order of how we wanted them displayed. To keep them all from falling down like dominoes, we hot glued them to a large flat cardboard piece painted green.

We added the emerald city gates to the front of the display, and added mini versions of the Wizard of Oz characters. We also filled the sides with poppies, and led our yellow brick road to the gates of the emerald city.

Above the Emerald City we had a rainbow. For our rainbow, we used a long circular tube, crepe paper streamers, a styrofoam piece and stuffing.

We begin by gluing the end of the crepe paper to the tube, and letting it hang. We did this with the six colors of the rainbow in crepe paper. We cut the styrofoam into the shape of a cloud and glued stuffing all over it. We connected the rainbow to the cloud and hung it from on of the shapes we have hanging from our ceiling. We connected the ends of the crepe paper to the top of our cork board.

The end product was amazing, and we hope this helped you with making your own Emerald City and Rainbow!

Wizard of Oz Hot Air Balloon DIY

This is our Hot Air Balloon we made for our Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary Celebration. We will show you how we made it!

Here is a list of supplies you will need to begin:

-Hula Hop

-Big cardboard pieces

-Scissors (we used normal and cardboard scissors)

-Hole punch

-Floral wire

-Hot glue gun

-Brown packing paper

-Crepe paper streamers


-Square box

-3 wooden dole rods

-Paint (green and black)

-Paper bowl

To start off, we wrapped the hula hoop in brown packing paper. Then we cut two pieces of cardboard in the shape of a hot air balloon. To get them to fit together we cut a slit in the bottom of one piece and a slit in the top of the other, so they could slid into one another.

Using the hole punch, we put holes in the bottom outside corner of the cardboard pieces. We used the floral wire to secure the cardboard to the hula hoop through the holes.

Here is a view from the top. In the pictures above we used two pieces of cardboard, but as we went on we cut four half pieces and put them between the pieces we already had in place with hot glue.

Once we had the base of the hot air balloon, we wrapped the entire thing in brown packing paper.

After securing the packing paper, we used different colored crepe paper streamers on each section. There were eight sections on our balloon so we used four different colors twice. To put the streamers on the balloon, we hot glued the piece to the top, and ran it down to the bottom, hot gluing little dots to keep it from moving. We left some length at the bottom to fold under so there was no packing paper showing. We did this with all sides.

We then used yellow ribbon to separate the colors seams. We used a paper bowl painted black, and the edges cut off, as the top to cover up the streamers. At the bottom of the balloon we used a blue streamer which we didn’t use on the main balloon, and wrapped the bottom hula hoop.

For the basket part of our hot air balloon, we started by painting stripes of brown packing paper green and left half brown. Then we weaved the brown and green papers through one another and gave the basket a weaved look. We did 3/4 sides because we knew one side would be against a wall. As shown below.

To connect the balloon to the basket, we used three wooden dole rods and hot glued them to the inside of the balloon. We had to measure them all to make sure they lined up with the box. We did two dole rods on the front corners of the basket, and on in the center. To hold the weight of the balloon we had the back part set in the corner of our white board.

To finish the basket, we filled balloons with sand and tied them to the corners of the basket. We also used a sheer fabric and strung it across the front and sides of the basket. As for the characters in the basket, we just printed them out and stuck the in there.

This was out final product, as shown at the beginning. We hope you liked this DIY and that it helped you in your crafting adventures!

Alien Spaceship DIY

Here is another one of our CUTPL Children’s Room creations!

*DISCLAIMER: We based this alien space ship on one we found on google made out of paper, we did not come up with this design on our own, but the materials we used were of our own ideas.*

This alien ship is made from a large piece of cardboard, which we cut into the shape of a UFO. We then drew and painted the aliens onto the cardboard.

We used Mod Podge to seal the alien painting. We put glitter on the bottom of the ship when the dark blue paint was still wet.

We used small paper plates to make the gold circles. And for the silver circles we cut the center of small paper plates out.

We cut foil into stripes and hot glued that to make a separation between the top and bottom of the ship.

To get the ship to hang, we poked two holes in each side; one on the light blue part and one on the dark blue part. We used bracelet beads of those colors and hot glued those into the holes. Using fishing line to hang it up through the bead holes. We thought the fishing line would rip through the cardboard and the beads would keep it from doing that.

For fun we added an Area 51 license plate.

That is all that we did to make this fantastic project! It was great for the 2019 Summer Reading theme, “A Universe of Stories!”

PoeTree DIY

This is our beautiful PoeTree we made for National Poetry Month.

Here are the items you will need to make this great tree.

  • toilet paper and paper towel rolls
  • large cardboard tube
  • masking tape
  • hot glue gun
  • brown packing paper
  • brown paints
  • green tissue paper

The first thing we did was use masking tape to make our branches. We used different sizes of paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls to make different shaped branches.

Next, we hot glued the branches to the cardboard tube. We did 13 branches in total. Three in each side, four coming out of the top, and none on the back because it will be up against something.

We, then, wrapped the branches in packing paper. After we wrapped the branches, we wrapped the base cardboard tube. In the below photograph, you can kind of see the knot we created in the front of the tree. This was, also, made with packing paper formed into a circle and glued on the base tube.

Using the different range of brown paint we had, we painted lines on the the branches and base. We used a dry painting method, where we did not using too much paint on each stroke to create very light lines.

This is what our knot looks like painted completely.

We, then, hot glued various colors of green tissue paper together in lines. Then we stuffed the ends into the tubes of the branches. For the front branches we just used two green tissue papers glued together and put those in the paper towel rolls holes. We did not glue the tissue paper to any part of the tree so that we can still use the tree for other projects, but if you want to glue the tissue paper to secure it, feel free!

Lastly, we printed children’s poems and glued them on paper leaves. Then taped them to the tree branches.

This was our finished project! Hopefully, you enjoy this DIY!