PoeTree DIY

This is our beautiful PoeTree we made for National Poetry Month.

Here are the items you will need to make this great tree.

  • toilet paper and paper towel rolls
  • large cardboard tube
  • masking tape
  • hot glue gun
  • brown packing paper
  • brown paints
  • green tissue paper

The first thing we did was use masking tape to make our branches. We used different sizes of paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls to make different shaped branches.

Next, we hot glued the branches to the cardboard tube. We did 13 branches in total. Three in each side, four coming out of the top, and none on the back because it will be up against something.

We, then, wrapped the branches in packing paper. After we wrapped the branches, we wrapped the base cardboard tube. In the below photograph, you can kind of see the knot we created in the front of the tree. This was, also, made with packing paper formed into a circle and glued on the base tube.

Using the different range of brown paint we had, we painted lines on the the branches and base. We used a dry painting method, where we did not using too much paint on each stroke to create very light lines.

This is what our knot looks like painted completely.

We, then, hot glued various colors of green tissue paper together in lines. Then we stuffed the ends into the tubes of the branches. For the front branches we just used two green tissue papers glued together and put those in the paper towel rolls holes. We did not glue the tissue paper to any part of the tree so that we can still use the tree for other projects, but if you want to glue the tissue paper to secure it, feel free!

Lastly, we printed children’s poems and glued them on paper leaves. Then taped them to the tree branches.

This was our finished project! Hopefully, you enjoy this DIY!

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