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Subject: Use of Rooms Policy for Non-Library Sponsored Activities

Approved By: Board of Library Trustees

Approval Date: 2002, December 2009

Effective Date: 2002, Feb. 16, 2010, Oct. 11, 2011, Apr. 15, 2014, Jan. 1, 2016

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A major goal of the Culver-Union Township Public Library is to provide for the informational, cultural, and educational needs of the public it serves. Meeting rooms are provided with the expectation that they will be used to accomplish this goal. Meeting rooms will be available to groups in the community regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of their members and the following restrictions apply in the use of the meeting room:

The Library provides the following public meeting rooms/areas for use by groups in the community:

Tentative reservations may be made by phone. A written room reservation form (see attached) must be completed by the official representative of the group who assumes responsibility for use of the room.

All organizations with standing annual reservations need to fill out a new Meeting Room Application before January 1 of the forthcoming year.

The meeting room will not be scheduled until the deposit (if applicable) is paid. Any damages that occur as a result of the group using the meeting room may also be billed to the representative who took responsibility for the room. The library assumes no responsibility for hats, coats or other personal belongings of persons attending meetings.

Each group takes full responsibility for any damages incurred from the use of the meeting room facilities. Abuse of the facilities or non-payment for any cleaning fees or damages will be sufficient cause to deny further use of the room. Each group is responsible for leaving the room as it was upon the group's arrival.

The applicable provisions governing the use of the larger Meeting Room also govern the use of the smaller meeting rooms. The Library Director will oversee the supervision of meeting room use and interpret these policies. Any questions of policy will be forwarded to the full library board. Failure to comply with these regulations or the directives of the designated representatives of the Library will result in denial of the group’s subsequent use of the Library meeting rooms. The Library Board shall have the right to waive the regulations without notice whenever it is in the best interest of the library or the community to do so. The Library Board neither endorses nor denounces the viewpoints of any organizations which use the meeting rooms. No admission charge may be made at any function at the Library with the exception of membership dues and/or regular fees to cover cost of materials or speakers when applicable.

Revocation and Refusal of Authorization of Use: In summary: use of library meeting rooms may be prohibited or terminated at any time if the activity or conduct planned or occurring in the facility is or is deemed to be disruptive, or interferes with library patron use of the library facilities for library purposes or is disruptive or interferes with library staff in their service to patrons. The privilege of using Library meeting rooms will not be granted or will be revoked if the activities or intended activities of the meeting room users negatively impact normal operations in the following ways:

By signing the Meeting Room application, the Organization and its Authorized Representative agree to pay for any damages to Library property; the Library Board and the Director will access the actual dollar cost of the damage for replacement or repair of Library property and the Organization and its Authorized Rep. will be responsible for that amount of money.

Indemnification: Organizations or individuals using meeting rooms shall indemnify and hold harmless the Culver Union Township Public Library and its officers, directors, agents and employees from and against all losses, damages, claims, costs and expenses arising from injury or death of any person(s), or damage to property resulting from any act or omission of such users or their employees, agents, representatives, guests, invitees, or the general public to the extent that such losses, damages, claims, costs, and expenses arise in connection with or relate to the organization’s or individual’s use of the facility.

Applications will be reviewed by the Director and if approved, the meeting will be scheduled. The library reserves the right to relocate, cancel or postpone meetings depending on room demand, availability, and group size.

Meeting Room Application

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