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Culver Area Genealogy This portion of the website is a work in progress and will continue to be updated as information and time allow. We welcome submissions of genealogical links and other information, as well as suggestions, corrections, etc. Please contact us to submit information or ask a question. Special thanks to Judi Burns for her efforts in making this site and Culver area genealogy possible!

*Join the library's weekly Genealogy Group, which meets each Wednesday morning at 10:00 am in the downstairs main meeting room of the library. The group meets informally and assists each other in genealogical research, sharing resources, information, new leads, and laid-back chit-chat as they work...drop by and enjoy!

Culver Genealogy

A Listing of the Culver Area Yearbooks in the library's collection

Vintage Booklets, Annuals, Yearbooks, and other Publications of the Culver area on our website.

Judi Burns' extensive Genealogy Home Page, full of Culver-area information.

Culver Area Cemeteries

The Washington-Lawson Cemetary near Culver (in Union Twonship). Chris Landskron of the Antiquarian and Historical Society of Culver photographed the entire Washington-Lawson cemetary (each headstone) and consolidated the information on each person buried there into this helpful file.

Jean C. and Wendell C. Tombaugh's listing of all of Union Twp. Cemeteries's listings for Culver's Masonic Cemetary's listings for the Washington-Lawson Cemetary near Culver's listings for the Zion cemetary near Culver.'s listings for the Bucklew, or McDonald Cemetary in Rutland

More Culver Area Genealogy

Descendants of John Stahl (Judi Burns)

Descendants of John George Overmyer

Culver's African-American Community, a look at the history and people who made up the community of black residents of Culver, most prominent from the 1920s-1960s.

The World War II Years in Culver - A week-by-week account of the war years -- from Dec. 7, 1941 through the official end of the war in 1945 -- in the Culver area: how day to day life was affected, the lives lost, the heroes and the way the community rallied around the war effort, in text and photos!

Union Township School Transfer and Voting Records

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers at the library such as Connie Van Horn and Chris Landskron (and the work of library staff member Linda Johnson), a number of early 20th century records of student transfers in the Culver area have been filed. Click here to browse and search the records.

Reichard Website of U.S. but of Marshall & Fulton lines

Reeds of Marshall & Fulton County   Schrimshers of Marshall County   Greens of Marshall County  

Burns of Marshall county & Scotland

  Indiana Obituaries (submission based entries & maintanence)   Spanish American Indiana (submission based entries & maintanence):   Lake Maxinkuckee - Its Intrigue: A Genealogy and brief history by Judi Burns  

Memoirs of One John Edward Werner, Volumes 1 and 2. Published by Tombough House in Rochester, this writing recalls, among other things, many memories of Culver during the author's pre- and post-Depression days here, including the ice houses, the Lake, etc.  See also: Werner Family Genealogy by Phillippy Werner

Genealogy of the Clifton Family of Marshall County - (Independently published and sent to Culver U-TPL by Ruth Clifton)

Dave Burns and the Culver Volunteer Fire Department: Three pages by Dave Burns' widow, Judi, on the fire department, full of rare photos.

The Fire Department History 

Art Fishburn's Last Ride

The Burning of the Lake Shore Garage.

The Stahl Family Photo Collection

The Weirick Family Photo Collection

Culver's African-American families

The Bliss Family photo collection

Families with Records in the Culver-Union Twp. Public Library's Family Name Archive:

The following family names have archive files in our genealogy department. They are available at the library, or copies via request from outside of the library.




Fujimura/ Edgington
























C. Warner Williams






Paid National Subscription Services for Genealogy: (nationwide) - Not available outside of the Library

Access Newspaper Archive - Not available outside of the Library.  Search the Archive -- Browse by Newspaper -- Do an Advanced Search

Other National Genealogy Sites

One Great Family (fee involved)

Encyclopedia Titanica - passanger and crew lists, survivors, dead, etc. Click here to learn more about Culver's Titanic survivor.

Genealogy in Marshall County:

Marshall County Historical Society

Marshall County History & Genealogy

Marshall County Genealogy 

Marshall County Cemeteries - search cemeteries by state

INGenweb (Indiana Genealogy)

Society of Indiana Pioneers

Daniel McDonald's 1908 "History of Marshall County," online in full-text. Specifically, the chapter on "Maxinkuckee Lake" is useful. Available in html or PDF format.

Veteran's History Project - Culver interest!