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Grocery Stores of the Culver Area
Burr Oak General Store

This photo is believed to be of the Burr Oak General Store. Corrections or date information would be welcome.

Deckard's Super Market Ad

A 1953 advertisement for Deckard's Super Market in Culver -- prices have certainly changed since then.

Gretter's Market

Gretter's Market was located on the east side of Main Street, in what is today a vacant lot just south of Verl's Barber shop, directly across the street from the bank. Detailed information about the years of operation of Gretter's would be welcome (photo courtesy Phil Gretter)

Gretter's Market Interior

Another image of Gretter's market, this time the interior, circa 1968 (photo courtesy Phil Gretter).

Manor Market

Manor Market was once a familiar sight on East Shore Drive (State Rd. 117), on whose corner (at the intersection of 18B Rd) it sat for many years before it was torn down in the 1980s. This photo was taken by White Photography of Culver on June 1, 1970, apparently after some storm damage.

Van's Market

Van's Market, one of several businesses in the village of Maxinkuckee off of East Shore Drive, an area that once boasted its own one-room schoolhouse (the building still stands, just east of the former Bigley's Orchard Store) as well as the well-known Allegheny Hotel, which reportedly houses Lew Wallace as he wrote the opening chapters of his famous novel, Ben Hur. This photo was taken circa 1935, and is courtesy the Marshall County Historical Museum

R&J Market

The R & J Market, later changed to Manor Market, near East Shore Drive, another of several businesses that served the village of Maxinkuckee

Foreman's Store

In this 1953 photo, Foreman's Store celebrated its 25th anniversary in Culver.

Medbourn/McClane Grocery Store Unknown Store

Two photos from the Donna Edgington collection, courtesy Sherrill Fujimerra. At left, a 1920s photo of the Medbourn/McClane grocery store in Main Street. At right: a 1916 photo from the Donna Edgington collection depicting a store located -- probably -- located where Dr. Babcock's vision and eyecare clinic was located for many years, on the east side of South Main Street.

Gretter's Market was in operation from 1955 - 1977. Then Chuck Robeson bought the building and remodeled it, according to Judi Burns (thanks to her for the information!).

Gretter's Market

Another image of the interior of Gretter's Market (photo courtesy Phil Gretter)

Gretter's Memorabilia

Some Gretter's memorabilia (courtesy Phil Gretter)

IGA Grocery Store

The IGA Grocery Store and the Culver City Drug store, 107 and 109 S. Main Street (the west side of Main). As a point of reference, Colwell (formerly Abad & Epley) Realt Estate is presently at 107 S. Main.

Saine & Sons Grocery

Saine & Sons Grocery on the corner of Main and Jefferson Streets, where Mary's Shoppe is today located.

Lee Anson Overmyer

Lee Anson Overmyer in front of his general store, opened in 1912 in the village of Maxinkuckee on the east side of the lake. Anson also operated a "huckster wagon," possibly visible in the garage behind him, from which he sold goods around the lake. Thanks to Helen Overmyer for this photo.

Van's Market

Another shot of Van's Market in Maxinkuckee.

Margaret Houghton and Josephine McFarland Vanschoiack

Margaret Houghton and Josephine McFarland Vanschoiack posed in front of Van's Grocery in Maxinkuckee. Vanschoiack and husband Walter owned the market. The names, McFarland, Houghton, and Vanschoiack, are well-known to longtime Culver-area residents as prominent families in the area since quite early on.

Walter and Josephine Vanschoiack

Walter and Josephine Vanschoiack in front of the aforementioned Van's Grocery, circa 1935

Park N' Shop 01 Park N' Shop 02

Two April, 1981 articles from the Culver Citizen on Park N' Shop supermarket.