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Early Hotels and Clubs of the Maxinkuckee Area

The following lists were compiled, we believe, in the 1970s, though by whom we're not certain. They are part of a treasure trove of chronological listings of important dates in local education, transportation, boats, and life in general that seem to have been compiled around the same time and by the same author. You can see the other chronologies here. Anyone with more information on the compiler of these wonderful documents is encouraged to contact us. And there aren't enough thanks to show appreciation to Linda Johnston for her hours of work typing these lengthy pieces into the computer!

Hotels – Wayside Inns  1870 – 1900’s Maxinkuckee Area 

Allegheny House, 1870 . . . Maxinkuckee

Arlington, 1886, destroyed by fire, 1895, rebuilt, 1896 . . . L.J. Knapp, proprietor

Bayview Hotel

Bradley Hotel,   -- later purchased by Chas. C. Boblett renamed The Chasnelle.

The Colonnade

The Chadwick

The New Culver Hotel, 1908 . . .J. Osborn, proprietor,

Heller House

The Jungle Hotel

Lake Hotel

Lake House

Lake Side Hotel, 1898, H.J. Flagg, proprietor

Lake View Hotel, leased by Kiefer Whitcomb, 1896

Lord House

Norris House

N & G Ohmer Hotel  & Restaurant, near Vandalia Station.

Palmer House, 1885, later renamed Maxinkuckee Inn, later Culver Inn, CMA Campus.

Paramount Hotel

Ralston Hotel, destroyed by fire, August 10, 1911.

Rector House

Spangler Hotel

The Van Schoiack, 1878

The Village Hotel

THEN Back Earlier There Were Those Popular Clubs 

NOTE: In the mid to late 1800’s Lake Maxinkuckee attracted a growing interest among sportsmen and persons seeking a vacation spa. Headquarters for clannish groups were Club Houses where social and other activities were centered. Historically prominent among the societies were:

The Echo Club

Highland House

Hoodoo Club

Indiana Club

Maxinkuckee Boating & Fishing Club, 1875, (Plymouth Businessmen)

Peru Club, 1878

Plymouth Club  (Clubhouse later became McQuat residence)

Rediculous Club

Halcyon Club

Hilarity Club

Jungle Club

Lakeview Club, 1873

Logansport Neighbor Club

Rochester Club

Other Vintage Culver Hotels

The Culver Inn photos, history, and more!

The Lake View Hotel

The Osborn Hotel

The Palmer House (see the Culver Inn, click here)

The Maxinkuckee Inn (see the Culver Inn, click here)