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Original Image Description Modified Image
High Old Time Original Several large creases as well as many dust particles were removed from this image.  The flag and the background were cleaned up, removing any spots and making their colors more uniform.  A smoothing effect was applied to the photo of the people on the right side of the image. High Old Time Edit
Train 01 Original Dust was removed from the sky in this image; colors were slightly changed to make the train and grass more visible against the background. Train 01 Edit
Steamboat Original This image had several problems, such as scratches, dust, and dark spots spread throughout the image.  The most obvious defects were removed. Steamboat Edit
Train 02 Original The colors in this image were modified to make the train stand out from the background.  Notice that the blue color of the train is much more visible, and that the light on  the front of the train stands out more than in the original image.  There was a small amount of dust removed from the image, but it isn't noticeable in these smaller-sized pictures. Train 02 Edit
Bridge Original The brightness and white/black points of this image were tweaked; the image was also slightly blurred to get rid of some of the noise.  Colors were enhanced and the text was removed from the bottom-right corner of the image. Bridge Edit
Baseball Team Original This image had an extensive amount of damage.  Scratches throughout the image were repaired and the top-left corner was fixed. Baseball Team Edit