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The Maxinkuckee Playhouse
Maxinkuckee Playhouse

The Maxinkuckee Playhouse, which operated from 1950-1961. Again, Harvey Firari has an extensive history of the Playhouse and its demise, here.

Winifred Legg's Maxinkuckee Vacation Club

Winifred Legg's Maxinkuckee Vacation Club off East Shore Lane, which later became the Maxinkuckee Playhouse. More details and photos from the Playhouse can be seen in Harvey Firari's aforementioned article

Program Front

Above: the program front

Program Interior

Above: the interior of the program

Program Back

Above: the back of the program

A program from the second season of the Maxinuckee Playhouse, which opened in 1950 (dating this program presumably from 1951) and closed in 1961, according to Harvey Firari's excellent article about the Playhouse here. The production that year was Mary Chase's "Harvey." Of further interest is the interior and back side of the program (pictures #2 and #3, above) which include advertising from a few of the prominent businesses of Culver at the time. This and the other Playhouse program artifacts were provided by the Marshall County Historical Museum.

Below, left and right: articles and advertisements from the Playhouse's 1959 season.

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Program FrontProgram Back

The front (left) and back (right) of a program from the Maxinkuckee Playhouse, date unknown. This design is typical of several years' worth of the Playhouse's programs, and is interesting to actually see physically. The front of the program (above, left) consists of two flaps that "open" into the inside. The programs themselves may be seen "in person" at the Marshall County Historical Museum in Plymouth, IN.

1953 Season Preview

A flyer previewing the 1953 season of the Maxinkuckee Playhouse.

Martin Tahse and Paul Rutledge

The original founder of the Maxinkuckee Playhouse, Martin Tahse, left, and Paul Rutledge, right.

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