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Famous & Assorted Boats on the Lake
The Tour Boat the Maxinkuckee Harvey Firari's 2003 article on the Maxinkuckee boat here.

1958 Postcard Front  1958 Postcard Back

A 1958 postcard giving a beautiful, full-color view of the "Maxinkuckee" in all its glory, complete with apparently happy passengers. The blurb on the back describes the joys of touring the lake by boat.

1952 Postcard

Another 1952 postcard depicting the lower park area facing the beach. Again, the view is similar today. The stone fountain in the circle was one of several that went by the wayside during the 1980s. In the distance, the touring boat the Maxinkuckee appears to be visible.

Unusual view of the Tourboat

Unusual view of the tourboat the Maxinkuckee, mentioned in previous pages of this gallery, as in appeared in this 1950s postcard.

1950s Postcard

Another, very similar view on another 1950s postcard; very little seems to have changed in this area to the present.


A painting of the Maxinkuckee excursion boat by M.G. White, which hangs in the Culver Public Library's circulation area.

Town Park - 1950s

Another view of the Town Park in the 1950s, from the upper park area facing the beach. I'm surmising that the boat docked in this shot is, again, the tour boat the Maxinkuckee.

Speedboat Rides on Lake Maxinkuckee

Postcard with caption "Speedboat Rides on Lake Maxinkuckee," possibly 1963?

View of the Lake

Presumably from the 1950s, this postcard shows another view of the lake from the bluff in Vandalia Park's (today's Town Park) upper pavilion area.

Maxinkuckee Tour Boat

The Maxinkuckee tour boat docked at the boat pier just west of Culver's town park, in a photo taken in the 1950s, and courtesy the Kim Amond collection.

The Maxinkuckee Boat

The Maxinkuckee Boat can be seen in  the background of this 1965 photo of the Amond family's Chris Craft. Visible are Kim Amond, Shirley Amond, and Capt. Frank Amond. From the Kim Amond collection.

Kim Amond and Grandmother

Young Kim Amond and grandmother, Shirley, near the Maxinkuckee boat's usual summer dock in the town park in 1973. Visible is the bell that once rang to let passers-by know that the boat was preparing to launch (Kim is wearing Mrs. Amond's "Captain's" hat). From the Kim Amond collection.

 Shirley, Doug, and Amy Amond

(Left to Right) Shirley, Doug, and Amy Amond on the family's Chris Craft speedboat in 1966,with the Maxinkuckee tour boat in the background.

 The Maxinkuckee Docked for Winter

The Maxinkuckee is docked for winter in this January 1968 photo taken at the usual winter docking spot for the boat, near the boat's normal dock in the town park. From the Kim Amond collection.

 Tour Boat

A 1960s photo of a night-time cruise on the Maxinkuckee tour boat. Frank Amond is visible on the left. From the Kim Amond collection.

 Borkholder Children

The Borkholder children joined the Amonds on this cruise in July, 1969. This photo shows some details of the interior of the Maxinkuckee boat. From the Kim Amond collection.

  Amonds' Family Funster

The Amonds' Family Funster cabin cruiser on Lake Maxinkuckee, with Eddie Amond (son of Maxinkuckee Captain Frank) in the window, in this photo taken in the late 1940s. From the Kim Amond collection.

Captain's Hat 01 Captain's Hat 02 Captain's Hat 03

Several views of the captain's hat worn by Shirley Amond, wife of Maxinkuckee tour boat captain Frank Amond, for many years. Shirley is also remembered for being stationed at the top of the hill in Culver's town park and ringing the bell to alert passengers that the boat was about to embark on another journey. From the Kim Amond collection.

View from Back Yard

A view from the back yard of the Edgington cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee's west shore; the Maxinkuckee tour boat can be seen going by the pier.

See also: The Amond Family

The White Swan Dancing Pavillion

White Swan

Mark A. Roeder, in his History of Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee, writes, "one famous vessel on Lake Maxinkuckee was neither a steamer, launch, or sail boat. She was the motorless flat barge known as "The White Swan." She had ornate upper and lower decks for dancing and was towed from place to place. She was often decorated with garlands of white flowers and lighted by Chinese lanterns. In her later days she was dragged onto the shore and converted into a building called Crook's Hall, owned by Captain Crook. It was later used as an apartment house. Much of Crook's Hall, located at the top of Harding Court, was built out of  'The White Swan.'"

Later, Roeder expanded on the later career of "The White Swan":

"Crook's Hotel was located at the top of Harding Court and is still standing (a large house at the top of the hill, painted gold). This was the same Capt. Crook that ran boats on the lake. The dance pavillion, the White Swan, was dismantled and the material used to construct much of the building. It was earlier known as Lord House, named after its owner. Apparently Capt. Crook didn't like the name and changed it to his own."

Pavalion on Lake Maxikuckee

"Pavalion on Lake Maxikuckee," reads this 1910 postcard depicting the pavilion at Vandalia Park.


White Swan Dancing Pavillion

A "stereoscope" image of the White Swan Dancing Pavillion on the Lake. This image comes from the collection of Ted Schenberg.

Captain Crook's Home and Hotel

"Captain Crook's Home and Hotel," circa the house is the Helber House.

Boats of Culver Academy
The O.W. Fowler

The Three-Masted Square Rigger the O.W. Fowler - Front The Three-Masted Square Rigger the O.W. Fowler - Back

"The Three-Masted Square Rigger the O.W. Fowler," a 1956 postcard. Details were given on the back of the card, presented in the second image above.

The O.W. Fowler

The O.W. Fowler is depicted in this beautifully-photographed 1972 postcard.

O.W. Fowler final docking article Culver Academy VedetteO.W. Fowler and Admiral Yarnell on Maxinkuckee

The final docking of the O.W. Fowler 3-masted schooner took place in 1983 and is commemorated in this article from the Culver Academy's Vedette newspaper, "Requiem for a Windjammer." The photo at right, which accompanied the article, shows the Fowler at sail alongside the Admiral Yarnell replica warship, which sank in 1979. The Fowler was replaced by the almost identical R.H. Ledbetter (which in fact used the original Fowler masts), which is presently still in use at the Academy.

The O.W. Fowler

An undated postcard of the O.W. Fowler.

The O.W. Fowler

Another postcard of the O.W. Fowler.

Ledbetter boat dedication 1984 articleO.W. Fowler photo from the Vedette

The July 11, 1984 Culver Citizen newspaper reports here on the dedication of the new R.H. Ledbetter 3-masted schooner at Culver Academies, a boat which replaced the retired O.W. Fowler and used 3 of the latter boat's original masts. The Ledbetter is still in use by the Academy today.

The Admiral Rodman

The Admiral Rodman

The Admiral Rodman, part of the Summer Naval School Program in an undated, colorized postcard. Apparently this boat at one time was a mainstay at the Naval School? Anyone with further information is welcome to contact us

Naval School Boating Scenes

Watching the Culver Summer Naval Cutters

"Watching the Culver Summer Naval Cutters" postcard, 1910. Cadet Drill

Another postcard from the 1905-1910 era, captioned "Cadet Drill."

Culver Naval School Cutters

"Culver Naval School Cutters" on the Lake, an undated postcard.

Culver Summer Naval School Cutters Under Sail

A 1909 postcard: "Culver Summer Naval School Cutters Under Sail."

Cutters in Tow on Lake Maxinkuckee

"Cutters in Tow on Lake Maxinkuckee," a 1907 postcard.

Summer Naval School, Lake Maxinkuckee

"Summer Naval School, Lake Maxinkuckee," an undated postcard.

A Cutter Under Sail, Summer Naval School

"A Cutter Under Sail, Summer Naval School," a 1907 postcard.

Cutter Drill

A 1911 postcard shows a Cutter Drill, part of the Summer Naval Program on the lake.

Maneuvers on Sailboats

An unusual and interesting image of "Maneuvers on Sailboats" in the Summer Naval Program at CMA

Naval Cutters in Tow

"Naval Cutters in Tow," a postcard from circa 1906.

A Cutter Race

"A Cutter Race," part of the aforementioned 1937 CMA postcard from Ted Schenberg's collection.

A Naval Tournament

"A Naval Tournament," says this 1906 postcard.

Passing in Review in the Regatta, Summer Naval School

"Passing in Review in the Regatta, Summer Naval School," an undated, colorized postcard provided by Jim Croy.

Sailing Race -- Naval Cutters

"Sailing Race -- Naval Cutters," a 1906 postcard.

Toss Oars

The crew boat teams that can be heard today on the lake echo this 1909 postcard, "Toss Oars."

Cutter Race, Summer Naval School

"Cutter Race, Summer Naval School."


Part of a collection of postcard images of Culver Academy copyrighted 1913, generously loaned the library by Martha Payson Ryman.

1947 Calendar 27 1947 Calendar 28

1947 Calendar 30 1947 Calendar 34

1947 Calendar 35 1947 Calendar 36

CMA Sailboats

A postcard of Culver Military Academy sailboats on Lake Max. Sailing in the Bay

"Sailing in the Bay, Maxinkuckee Lake," reads the caption on this undated postcard, probably from the early 20th century. The bay is almost certainly Aubbenaubbee Bay, home of the Culver Military Academy.

More Naval School Scenes

A Woodcraft Canoe Trip Down the Tippecanoe River

"A Woodcraft Canoe Trip Down the Tippecanoe River," part of the aforementioned 1937 CMA postcard from Ted Schenberg's collection.

Under Sail, Lake Maxinkuckee

"Under Sail, Lake Maxinkuckee," part of the aforementioned 1937 CMA postcard from Ted Schenberg's collection.

Landing Drill -- Culver Summer Schools

"Landing Drill -- Culver Summer Schools," a 1923 postcard.

Culver Naval Summer Camp on Parade

A 1908 postcard of the Culver Naval Summer Camp on parade. Supplied by Peter Dutcher, from his website.

Sailing Postcard 01 Sailing Postcard 02

Two sailing postcards depicting the Summer Naval School; the left card from 1956, the right from 1959, courtesy Peter Trone.