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The war was raging fiercely

In the year of 42,

The country was in high production,

It was all that she could do.

For the Italians, Japanese, and Germans

Were hell bent on our demise,

When the weakness of our ration

Was revealed in all our eyes.

In the Kaiser shipyards building

Was a giant merchant float

And armaments were a coming

From the nations factory sweep.

Among the ships a'building

One on which I'd take my turn

Was a small Victory cargo vessel

With a name of George H. Dorn.

We first met in the state ofVirginia

Where she had entered Hampton Roads

While we waited at Patrick Henry,

She seemed eager for her load.

Her holds had been converted

And the canvas bunks ran high,

With the space so close between them,

You could scarcly bat an eye.

Next the George H. Dern was loading

And her destination was unknown,

Sealed orders not to be opened

Until she reached the high seas foam.

We moved away fromNewport News

And out through Hampton Roads,

Into the greatAtlantic

Where the German U boats were sowed.

We would have to take our chances

As previous convoys had done,

Ma ny lay upon the bottom,

Sent by the U boats tube or gun.

We leftNewport News in September 

In the year of 43,

TheAtlantic wasn't peaceful

And it's still a memory.