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When I think of Iwo Jima

And the praises that are said

Then I think of other battles

And the sacrifices made.

The minuscule forces of the Marine Corp

Were a part of the victory

While the Army did a large share

Without laurels sung in history.

The marines had a small force

That was sent out Pacific way,

The Army's count was millions,

Over half the world took sway.

Yes, the Marines fought some battles,

But should theyt receive all the  praise?

The Army also fought some vicious battles

Where such lauding wasn't raised.

There was other fights just as horrible

In those days of world war Two,

AtCassino,Anzio, and other places

Until the end came, battles through.

Sometimes losses were mind boggling

But there was never much ado,

They just carried on the battles,

Army Infantry pushed on through.

Those who fought these terrible battles

Seemed to know just what we had to do,

We all know what we accomplished

When we fought for country and for you.

we don't need to have the glory

Like the Marine Corp seem to do,

We, ourselves will know our merits

Without having to ask you.

Our dead has long since smoldered,

Some in graves so far away,

Those we always will remember

For they helped us save the day.

To the men we still remember

As our buddies and our friends

Who gave everything for their country,

You know our love for them will never end.

 So, we all fought for our nation

Trying our best to do our part,

We should all share the honor

That some people might impart.

Oris M. Gentry

February 28, 1995