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I see some men with silver hair

In groups of threes or fours, are talking there,

They have had their day, now just remain,

They are getting old, some bent in frame.

I say they are real men just growing old,

They came then some one broke the mold.

I do not think the youngsters we have today

Could hold their spot and stand not sway.

The camaraderie that grew those days

Still rises through years of foggy haze,

The many years they have passed on through,

These brothers still remain true blue.

The passing years has thinned the ranks

But to GOD we give our gracious thanks,

Some still remain strong to this day,

They have not thoughts to fade away.

The fire that steeled these men from youth

Emblazed their souls with freedoms truth,

Though bitter were the days they spent

For honor, country, freely went.

Fond memories creep back from day to day,

Forget! our nation's people say,

Sometimes forgetting is very hard to do,

These men still see honor in red white and blue.

These are the men who heard the call.

They freely came and they gave their all.

We have those today who think freedom is free

But dreams are only dreams, that can never be.

Oris M. Gentry

February 19, 1988