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The Osborn Hotel

Osborn Hotel

In February of 1990, the Osborn Hotel building (located at the corner of Ohio and West Jefferson Streets, across the street from today's CVS Pharmacy and located where the Farmer's Market is today)  was demolished. As mentioned on page 12 of this gallery, the building dated back to the 1800s when it was one of the original Culver high schools and was opened as the Osborn Hotel in 1908, having three floors and gaining great popularity in its day. Mark Roeder's writing on the Osborn has more detail here.

Osborn Hotel - 1943

Another image of the Osborn Hotel graces this 1943 postcard. Mark Roeder on the Osborn Hotel's history here.

Osborn Hotel - 1913

Once a regular sight in Culver, the Osborn Hotel is shown as it looked in 1913 on this postcard.

Osborn Hotel - 1909

A 1909 postcard featuring a fascinating illustration of the Osborn Hotel on the corner of Ohio and Jefferson Sts., facing east. The hotel opened in 1908 and demolished in the 1980s

Osborn Hotel Undated Postcard

Another, undated postcard showing the Osborn Hotel in its heyday.

View From 1910

A fascinating view from 1910 graces this postcard captioned, "Looking East from the Osborne Hotel, Culver, Ind." The Osborne, located at the corner of Ohio and Jefferson Streets in Culver, faced east towards what was once the grain co-op and is today the Culver Cove and other condominiums. The view has certainly changed.

Osborn Hotel - 1935

A 1935 image of the Osborn Hotel at Ohio and Jefferson Streets.