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Town of Culver: Other History

Lake Shore Drive Paving 01 Lake Shore Drive Paving 02

Four very unusual images lent the library by Culver's Verl Schaffer. These undated postcards show the paving of Lake Shore Drive. Note the horses used in the paving (or bricking, to be exact) and the "Saloon" at the left in the right shot.

Lake Shore Drive Paving 03 Lake Shore Drive Paving 04

The depot can be seen in the shot at the left; the lower shot depicts the street looking east towards what is today the Original Root Beer stand, with Vandalia Park to the right of the camera.

Anyone with details about these photos (exact date, names involved, etc.) is encouraged to contact the library.

William Swigart

William Swigart, a "drayman" around the lake and in town during the days when Culver was Marmont. This image is part of the 1895 Maxenkuckee Agricultural Fair program mentioned earlier on this page. Click here, to explore this rare artifact, lent to the library by Culver's Antiquarian and Historical Society.

1970s Brochure 01 1970s Brochure 02 1970s Brochure 03

Portions of an undated brochure advertising the fine points of Culver, circa -- at a guess -- 1970s.

Summer Events

1962 brochure advertising "Summer Events" in Culver; also gives a nice rundown of some of the businesses in operation at the time.


An unusual oddity of Culver history: a "flipping" postcard with a larger image on the top and bottom and several smaller photos of Culver sites that can be flipped through like a small book. Date unknown.

Views Around Lake Maxinkuckee

1908 postcard reads, "Views Around Lake Maxinkuckee," and appears to depict a rural scene near the Lake.

Downtown Monterey

Not a Culver image, but this 1921 postcard depicts downtown Monterey (courtesy Jim Croy).


Again, nearby Monterey as seen from the air in this 1973 postcard (courtesy Jim Croy).

1918 Postcard

Another illustrated postcard bearing Culver's name, this one postmarked 1918.

Winners of the 1939 Culver Bowling League Championship

Winners of the 1939 Culver Bowling League Championship included Abe Pura, Art and Fritz Kemple, Clifford Overmyer, Charles Baker, and E.A. Thessin, according to this Culver Citizen article.

Winners in the Kiddie's Day Contest

Winners in the Kiddie's Day Contest in the Town Park in 1939 included (left to right) Marion Porter, Eugene Thomas, Eldon Butler, Kenneth Bailey, Ruth Light, Hazel Thompson, Wallace Scott, Barbara Porter, Marietta Shaw, Dale Brown, Jimmy Stevens, Billy Overmyer, Patty Shaw, Betty Baker, and Bobby Wynn.

Marizetta Robinson and Dariel Sara Thompson

A July, 1968 photo of the pier at the end of Winfield Street where it intersected Davis Street on the south side of Culver. Pictured are Marizetta Robinson and Dariel Sara Thompson. For years, the pier provided a swimming area for youth on that end of Culver, before the public access lands on the lake side of the old Vandalia railroad were purchased in the 1980s and 90s and became private land.

1950-1951 officers of the American Legion Post of Culver

1950-1951 officers of the American Legion Post of Culver. From left: Martin Uebel, Kemp Moore (commander) and Tom Walker (adjunct).

Sledding on Liberty Street

Liberty St. 01

Liberty St. 02 Liberty St. 03

Three early views of Liberty Street in Culver facing south towards Lake Maxinkuckee. These photos were provided by Robert Waite, whose father Clifford built the first house on Liberty Street. This area, for many years, was also a popular sledding spot for Culver youth (see photo at lower right), who were aided by the town's shutting down Lake Shore Drive for their safe sledding.

Poem Postcard

This illustrated postcard, like some of the others, has a poem about Culver (probably a generic one used for many towns!), undated.

There is a jolly bunch of merry-makers in Culver

"There is a jolly bunch of merry-makers in Culver," claims this 1913 postcard!

Greetings from Culver

Yet another early illustration on a postcard with "Greetings from Culver," this one date unknown.

A Drive near Culver, Indiana

1910 postcard depicting "A Drive near Culver, Indiana." Can anyone identify what drive?

1910 Postcard

Illustrated postcard postmarked 1910 with a limerick wishing the recipient was in Culver.

1912 Postcard

This 1912 postcard is one of several illustrated postcards bearing the name of the nearest community.

You Auto be at Culver

"You Auto be at Culver," says this 1909 postcard, no doubt revealing a time when the word "auto" was still unusual and pun-worthy! Whether this photo was taken in or near Culver, or merely was a generic picture inscribed with Culver's name is unclear.

Rural Scene Near Culver, Ind.

"Rural Scene Near Culver, Ind.," a postcard dated 1911.

Greetings from Culver

Another illustrated postcard with "Greetings from Culver," circa 1911.

Hickory Bush Happenings

"Hickory Bush Happenings" postcard from 1913 quotes the Culver Citizen.

A Country Lane Near Culver, Ind.

Early 1900s postcard depicting "A Country Lane Near Culver, Ind."


Pete Pederson (patrol leader) Carol Junior Adams (scribe), Mac Scruggs (scoutmaster), Arthur Kemple (assistant patrol leader), Tommy Cook (patrol leader), Louis Fascia (assistant patrol leader) at the Boy Scout Meeting every Wednesday night at the Boy Scout cabin on School Street.

1978 Ad

A 1978 Culver Citizen advertisement for the Republican candidates for various public offices. Included are Latham Lawson, Mary Ricciardi, Marizetta Kenney, and Harold Fitterling.

John Bigley

John Bigley is seen at left in this undated photo (1950s era, probably) taken at one of Culver's Lions' Club minstrel show. Though utterly unacceptable today, minstrel shows were a common form of entertainment all over America, at least into the 1960s. Culver had at least one such show per year, even before the Lions Club had formed in town.

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