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By Edwin Corwin

This landmark work, originally commissioned by the Works Administration during the early 1930s, was completed by Edwin Corwin even after the grant was terminated. It originally ran as a series of articles in the Culver Citizen newspaper, and was eventually printed in book form. Culver's Tri-Kappa reprinted the book in the 1990s for a whole new generation.

One of the challenges of the print version of the book is that there is no index, nor any other reasonable means of searching for family names (of which Corwin's genealogy-rich text is chock full), buildings, events, and the like. As a result, while the text is full of wonderful information about Culver's early history, only the most patient and meticulous researcher has profited a great deal from it.

Thanks to the efforts of several people, we are finally able to present this book to you in full-text, searchable format. Thanks go to Andrew Baker, Kenney Hjertquist, and Devyn Vantwoud for laboring on this project. Very special thanks go to Amanda Miller, who spent many hours during the summer of 2007 painstakingly digitizing and editing the text of this book.

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"One Township's Yesterdays" by Chapter:

Preface Bibliography Errata.

The Pioneers.

By Way of Introduction.

Chapter I. As It Was In the Beginning.

Chapter II. Eras of the Manifest Things.

Chapter III. Gigantic Creatures of Ancient Times.

Chapter IV. Traces of Very Early Settlers.

Chapter V. Settling Prehistoric Problems.

Chapter VI. Links In Nature's Chain.

Chapter VII. The Mystery of the Mounds.

Chapter VIII. The Days of the Redskins.

Chapter IX. The Explorer Comes Exploring.

Chapter X. White Man's Pageant.

Chapter XI. The Jesuit Brings the Cross.

Chapter XII. The Wildwood Rover.

Chapter XIII. The Gay Voyageur.

Chapter XIV, The Trader Seeks Pelts.

Chapter XV. The 'Traveler Looks Around.

Chapter XVI. Plenty Forest-No Shingle.

Chapter XVII. But He Tells the World.

Chapter XVIII. The Homeseeker Listens.

Chapter XIX. Hard Times in the '30s.

Chapter XX. Days of '36.

Chapter XXI. Westward Ho!

Chapter XXII. Covered Wagon Trek.

Chapter XXIII. The Pioneer Comes.

Chapter XXIV. The Pioneer Sees.

Chapter XXV. The Pioneer Conquers.

Chapter XXVI. First Families.

Chapter XXVII. Soon After the First Families.

Chapter XXVIII. Other Early Settlers.

Chapter XXIX. Still More Settlers. - Part I - II - III

Chapter XXX. Here Dwelt the Red Man.

Chapter XXXI. "Lo, The Poor Indian!"

Chapter XXXII. The Red Man Departs.

Chapter XXXIII. He Leave a Few Tokens.

Chapter XXXIV. Some Romantic Traditions.

Chapter XXXV. Ghosts for Good Measure.

Chapter XXVI. Protestant Beginnings.

Chapter XXXVII. Sunrise Over A New Township.

Chapter XYXVIII. In Communities United.

Chapter XXXIX. Passing of the Pioneer.

Chapter XL. Cities of the Departed.

Chapter XLI. Indiana Centennial.

Chapter XLII. Law and Order.

Chapter XLIII. The Turn of the Century.

Chapter XLIV. The Battle of the Highways.

Chapter XLV. The Chautauqua.

Chapter XLVI. Fires and Fire Fighters.

Chapter XLVII. Distinguished Visitors.

Chapter XLVIII. An Early Post­office.

Chapter XLIX. What's In a Name?

Chapter L. The Grand Army of the Republic.

Chapter LI. Chronicle of the Churches.

Chapter LII. Boys of Ten and Now.

Chapter LIII. The Press.

Chapter LIV. Recollections.

By Way of Conclusion.

A Word of Gratitude.