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Recollections in Writing

An assortment of individual memories of days past in Culver.

Tom Walker

To come next, a little about the town.

To start with the local bank has had three robberies and one attempted. The first two were in 1920 and 1930. Third one was in the late 1960s or early 1970. The first two were caught by the military at CMA. The third one by our local police.

The town has seven churches and at one time seven gas stations ‹ now two. We also had two drug stores ‹ Culver City Drug and Rector¹s Drug. Also five grocery stores ‹ A & P Grocery, Miller¹s Grocery, Oberlin¹s Grocery, Stretters and Louden¹s Grocery. One funeral home ‹ Easterdays, now Bonines.

We have had several banks replacing the State Exchange Bank, finally Fifth-Third Bank.

Culver is on the shares of the second largest lake in Indiana ‹ Lake Maxinkuckee. The size is about 1,600 acres and is spring fed.

At one time, there were two ice houses where the Cove is now located. They shipped ice to Logansport. Now they bring it to us. The ice was cut from the lake and was 30 to 36 inches thick. In the winter that was about the only cash crop in Culver.

Ellen Poppe

In reading over what people have written, I enjoyed very much hearing about Culver and I see no one¹s written about our block of stores coming into town from the north and my end of Culver. As I think back on the town, I wonder if people realize how much it¹s changed in such a short time.

In 1957 we moved here from South Bend, bought Mr. Clyde Shivley¹s appliance and bottled gas store and a house at the corner of College Avenue and Forrest Place. As you come into town, there was a filling station and small store and lunch room Addlers. Next is now Bennett¹s Plumbing and Heating, then a small gift shop and insurance office which was ours, Poppe¹s Appliance Sales and Service. Then a beauty shop next a lunch room now, was Oneste¹s Pearl and Pete¹s Grocery for many years. Then there was La Vinna Triples Coffee Shop, Home Cooked Meals. Latter one was Pearl Oneste¹s Coffee Shop.

Continuing on with Home Cooked Meals, next to it was Jim and Mary De Will¹s bowling alley for many years and they also cooked up good hamburgers and pies and french fries. Both now burned down and The Edgewater Grille is now there. Next to it is Hansen¹s Hardware and Sport Shop. Was empty for a few years and Clara Hansen came here from Plymouth and opened it. It¹s still in business. Next to it was Evert Hoesel¹s Show, still in business but under new management. Then there was a filling station now torn down.

That completes our little block stores on the edge of Culver and Lake Shore Drive.

After 30 years in business, we sold our store to the Culver Insurance Agency, still in business, and our appliance business to Bernets, who still run it. Pearl Oneste¹s grocery is now a coffee shop. Beauty shop is still there and Addlers Coffee Shop is now Osborns Convenience Store and sub shop and filling station.

Across the street on the lake front, was the retired depot and Lion¹s Club bought and restored it into a beautiful meeting place. Town Park is still beautiful and open. Culver Beach Lodge is still open for business and still serves food. Washburns served good food there for many years. Upstairs now Ruth and Tom Walker run the Culver nutrition site five days a week serving a good hot lunch to senior citizens and give us good programs. A good place for seniors to come to who might otherwise have no place to go for companionship and fun and food.

It¹s changed much over the years. A good place to live and enjoy the beautiful lake.

In summer our Wesley UME Church has lakeside services weekly at the depot outside. Very beautiful and yes I remember the boat rides given by the Amons who lived in the big store house at the corner of Forrest Place and Lake Shore Drive. Town and lake are still pretty and a quiet and safe place to live and meet friends and raise a family in 2003.

On the northeast corner as you come into town at 10 and 17 is the lovely Culver Military Academy on the lakefront a beautiful campus which has students from all over the world. Opens its doors to the public for many musical cultural programs at Eppley Auditorium and the Academy church.

Culver is so lucky to have so many beautiful things.

Virginia Forbes

When I started Pathfinder in 1992, there was no day service. I loved the job and felt God had given it to me. I also asked Him for friends and he gave me many. I knew there would be a day shift in my heart and waited for it. The Culver clients became increasingly unhappy about going to ³work² as they were older.Some clients from (my) Knox home were making it very clear they didn¹t want to ³work² either.

In 1995, Pathfinder offered a day program to the Knox and Culver homes. The clients in Knox have grown in many areas, appear happy, and express more personality.

The Culver clients have found friends in the community, volunteered at the school and worked at restaurants, gas stations and Wal-Mart. Some clients are no longer with us and we miss them. Our new clients are enjoying the freedom of day serve and some choose to work a few days a week. They look forward to Real Meals and other outings.

Minnie Decker

Being 92, my memory is spotty sometimes but my first close ties to Culver began in Œ53 or Œ54 when I went to work at Deckards IGA. I had worked in the laundry at the Academy before that but the year escapes and as a girl I worked at the ball band plant in Mishawaka at 15 years of age.

Then my family moved down here between Culver and Delong where I met my husband and married in 1936. The early years of our marriage, I was mostly a housewife but sometimes took jobs cleaning and hanging wallpaper.

When Roy Deckard opened his store in Culver there were at least three other grocery stores already here but he bought the super market concept to town and it was a big hit so we stayed busy here till he sold the store and went to Plymouth to open another one.

During those years I got my son a job working at the store which he did until just before going into the Marines. We became so tied to the town that he wanted to go to school here so in 1957 we rented an apartment over the book store and moved to town from Delong. After he went to boot camp, my husband John and I moved back to Delong.

In 1961 after visiting my family and Bud in California, we decided I would move to California with Bud to start a home base. In 1963 I moved back as John had gotten a promotion back here. Again in 1965 John and I moved to California but there was too much Hoosier in my man so we moved to Elkhart in 1966 and immediately started looking for a house in this area. We bought our first Culver house in 1967 on Lake Street and I went back to work at what was now and then called the Park ŒN Shop.

I stayed employed there until I retired during which Culver went from four plus to one grocery, three plus dealers to zero and my son tells me four plus drinking establishments to two.

Even though the services of the town have faded out, the best part of the town, the people, have remained its best feature.


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