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Louis and Carleton Rehr

Book Signing

World War II veteran and Culver Academy alumnus Louis Rehr and his wife, Carleton, visited the Culver-Union Twp. Public Library on September 17 to meet and greet those who stopped by to meet "Lou," learn about his book, and have the book signed. The book, Marauder: Memoir of a B-26 Pilot in Europe in World War II, published by McFarland Press, recounts Rehr's sometimes breathtaking experiences piloting the B-26 bomber during the war. Louis Rehr, who graduated in 1938 from Culver, journeyed to Europe along with his Culver roommate immediately after graduating, and his account -- in word and photograph -- of seeing the rising tide of Nazism in Germany is both fascinating and chilling. Carleton Rehr, a longtime English teacher, helped him put his memories to paper from their home in Hawaii.

Photo above: Carleton Rher hand a signed copy of her husband's book, Marauder, to a patron of the book-signing event at the Culver-Union Twp. Public Library, as her husband, Louis, looks on.

One unique aspect of Rehr's book is that he was a consummate -- and artful -- photographer. His photos of Germany and Europe before, during, and after the war are often startling, and add a dimension to his work that is absent from many other accounts of WWII experiences. In fact, Louis Rehr also took a number of beautiful photographs of the Culver campus, several of which were displayed at the book-signing. Many of the attendees at the event were former classmates of Mr. Rehr's, and school and war stories were shared amongst them, in addition to Mrs. Rehr's account of her husband's experience and their experience together in writing the book.

The Rehrs noted that copies of the book are available for those who missed the event, and that those interested in obtaining an autographed copy should contact the Rehrs directly (shipping charges are also less if the book is purchased through the Rehrs, than most commercial book venues), at 808-696-3788, or via email at The Rehrs have a website about the book at

Photos below: Shots of Culver Military Academy taken by Louis Rehr, `38 (click any photo to enlarge):

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