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Stahl Family Photos

The Stahl family has lived in and around Culver for more than a century. One of its best-known members is Edna Stahl, a longtime teacher at the elementary school in Culver who will be remembered by many. This collection of vintage photos contains some very rare material pertaining not only to the schools of Culver, but also to a number of landmarks of the area.

CHS Graduation program 1906 page 1CHS Graduation program 1906 page 2CHS Graduation program 1906 page 3CHS Graduation program 1906 page 4

The 1906 Culver High School commencement took place May 4 at the Methodist Episcopal church on the southwest corner of Main and Jefferson Streets. This program -- part of the Stahl family collection -- includes some well-known local names involved in the ceremony.

Louisa Zechiel bapismal certificate 1877

Baptismal certificate for Louisa Adeline Zechial, daughter of Jacob and Regina Zechiel, baptized on Nov. 4, 1877. Louisa was born, says the certificate, near Marmont, Indiana (now Culver, of course) but unfortuantely the name of the church is not mentioned here, though the pastor was the Rev. Jerome Hensy.

Union Twp. Schools Commencement program 1899 01Union Twp. Schools Commencement program 1899 02Union Twp. Schools Commencement program 1899 03Union Twp. Schools Commencement program 1899 04

The twelfth annual commencement of the Union Township schools took place on May 11, 1899 at the Christian church in the Maxinkuckee Village. There are several fascinating historical facts visible here. First of all, this ceremony presumably celebrated the graduation of students from the various local, one-room school houses (such as the Maxinkuckee school, the Washington school, etc.) in the outlaying areas of the Township besides Culver (most of the one-room school houses were emptied more than a decade later when Indiana passed a law forbidding children to walk more than two miles to school, thus consolidating most schools into one and causing students to be bussed into school, many in this area to the Culver school). The schools appear to be identified by number in the lists of teachers on page 4 of the program.

Secondly, the commencement took place at the Christian church in the Maxinkuckee Village, a building which still stands and is occupied today by Rudith Sheridan, wife of the late Episcopal Bishop C.R. Sheridan, located on 18B Road approximately a mile east of its intersection with East Shore Drive. The church would later become an Evangelical church before its eventual conversion into a private residence.

1899 CHS Grad program page 1

1899 Culver High School Graduation program 02

1899 Culver High School Graduation program 03

1899 Culver High School Graduation program 04

The Reformed Church in Culver was the site of the 1899 Culver High School commencement, which took place on May 12 (notice that the graduating class consists of 5 students!). The Reformed Church was actually Grace Reformed Church -- today Grace United Church of Chirst -- located on Plymouth Street between Lake Shore Drive and Cass Street.

McClane Livery Stable East Jefferson Street Culver early 1900s

An early 20th century photo of the McClane and Co. livery stable at 214 East Jefferson Street. This building would later become a Chevrolet garage (after undoing a facelift) and was demolished, having fallen into disrepair, in the 1990s.

Culver Elementary children in downtown Culver faill, 1924

Wonderful and rare photo from the Stahl family collection, depicting the second grade class in the fall of 1924 -- along with teacher Edna Stahl -- walking down South Main Street (the camera is facing south). On the left can be seen the O.T. Goss hardware (today Snyder's, in the same building) and even the vacant lot just north of the hardware store.

Unidentified members of the Stahl family, late 1800s

Probably members of the Stahl family circa late 1800s-1920s, the people in this photo from the Stahl family collection are unidentified. Help identifying them would be welcome.

Misc. School Children Unidentified Stahl Collecion late 1800s

Presumably a class photo from Culver schools, this unmarked, unidentified photo was part of the Stahl family collection (Edna Stahl was a teacher in the school, and many of the family photos are from Culver schools, circa 1890s-1920s). Help identifying the people in this photo would be appreciated.

Stahl family members unidentified Feb., 1927

This photo from the Stahl family collection was dated February, 1927, though no names are given to identify the individuals, who may be teachers from Culver schools, where Edna Stahl taught for decades.

Culver Grade School children 1893

The grade school children of Culver, 1893. Any details as to names would be appreciated.

Culver Grade School teachers 1912-1915

Culver's grade school teachers, circa 1912-1915, including Edna Stahl. This photo comes from the Stahl family collection. Any details as to teacher names would be appreciated. The photo was taken outside of the Culver school.

Culver Elementary class of 1916-17

One of the Culver schools' elementary classes, 1916-1917, a photo from the Stahl family collection. Any assistace with specific names of children would be welcome.

Culver Schools closing exercises program 1899 outsideCulver Schools closing exercises program 1899 inside

Program from the April 2, 1897 commencement exercises of the Culver City schools (notice that the town is no longer named "Marmont" by this time, but is not yet termed simply "Culver," as it will be by 1899's commencement program).

Interestingly, the commencement took place in the lavish Colonnade Hotel on today's Lake Shore Drive (it was located just west of the movie theater in that area, on the north side of the street, which was then Toner Avenue). By 1899, the beautiful and ornate Colonnade would be burned to the ground.


Mrs. Edna Stahl and Culver Elementary students, undated

Miss Edna Stahl and a handful of her elementary school students in an undated photo from the Stahl family collection. Help in identifying the students would be welcome.

Culver Academy lagoon early 20th century

This photo of the Culver Academy campus comes from the Stahl family collection and was taken prior to 1916, when the "lagoon" visible in this photo was removed from the Culver campus.

Stahl family at Culver Academy canon early 1900s

Members of the Stahl family -- from whose collection comes this photo -- pose around the canon at the base of the flag-pole on the Culver Academy campus, circa 1900-1915.

Della Romig

Della Romig is depicted in this undated photo from the Stahl family collection.

Joseph Lee Currews age 6 and Edna Stahl 1940

Joseph Lee Currews, age 6, and Mrs. Stahl, May, 1940, is the caption on the back of this photo from the Stahl family collection, taken in front of Culver School.

Vandalia Park gazebo early 1900sVandalia Park gazebo and steamboat pier, early 1900s

Two rare photos of the gazebo in Vandalia Park (today's town park) in Culver. The photo at right shows clearly the steamboat pier in the park, which locates this gazebo on the bluff several yards east of the old Kreuzberger hotel and just south of the depot/train station. The photo at left shows members of the Stahl family gathered at the gazebo, which was constructed of rough logs. It is not known when the gazebo was built or what became of it. The presence of a building in the right-hand corner of the photo at left is mysterious, as the building doesn't seem to match any of the known structures in that location. These images from the Stahl family collection.

Palmer House hotel on Maxinkuckee, Stahl collection

The Palmer House hotel -- or at least a portion of it -- is visible in this early 20th century photo from the Stahl family collection. The Palmer House, built in the 1870s and located near the site of today's Huffington library on the Culver Academies' campus, later became the Maxinkuckee Inn and then the Culver Inn before its 1990s demolition.

Culver Academy Main Barracks and lagoon, Stahl family photo

Main Barracks is visible behind the pre-1916 "lagoon" that once sat between Lake Maxinkuckee and the Culver Academy's buildings in Aubbeenaubbee Bay. This photo comes from the Stahl family collection.

Culver Elementary class photo 1930

Culver Elementary School twins, undated Stahl photo

Culver Elementary first grade class Sept. 1924

Culver Elementary School 1st grade class April 1916

Culver Elementary School children 1931-32 playground


Culver Elementary 1st grade Sept. 1925

Culver Elementary school's first grade class in September, 1925, posing in front of the school. If anyone can identify the children in the photo, please contact us.

William Zechiel Sophia Stahl wedding 1877

An invitation to the wedding of William Zechial and Sophia Stahl, from the Stahl family collection. The wedding was slated for Nov. 1, 1877, in the Zion Reformed Church, located southwest of Culver (then Marmont), almost due west of Hawk Lake. At the time, the town itself had no Reformed church -- Grace Reformed church (now Grace United Church of Christ) would form in 1885.