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Tex Rains:  Culver Trooper

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By Col. Robert Rossow New York : Dodd, Mead, and Company, 1953, 248 pages.

The Culver Academy Class of 1957 web-page profiles Rossow here, and writes of Col. Rossow:

"Mess Hall Steward - "Bobby" Rossow had a lengthy career at Culver, joining the faculty as director of the Black Horse Troop in 1906. Rossow served as commandant of Cadets in 1927 and as director of the Summer Schools in 1936. He retired in 1945. In 1947 he was called to the post of supertindent of the Indiana State Police. Following his retirement from that post, he continued to follow his wide community interests and was author of the book "Tex Rains; Culver Trooper." Recalled in 1952, Colonel Rossow was the chief steward in the mess hall until his retirement at the end of our senior year in 1957. We best remember him as manager of the Mess Hall. He died at the age of 77."

Col. Rossow also assisted with the capture of the bank robbers of Culver's State Exchange Bank in 1933. Read more here.

Col. Rossow assisted with the production of the Universal movie, Tom Brown of Culver in 1932. More here.

Rossow was nvolved in local civil defense and named commandant of student corps at Colgate Univ. during WWII. More here.

Article: "Rossow on Leadership" by Bob Hartman