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Culver Citizen - March 26, 1914

Going After Things

Going After Things

At the meeting of the Commercial club Thursday night a petition was read and approved requesting the Vandalia railroad to construct a 10 or 22-foot viaduct under its track at the foot of Jefferson street. In addition to the present committee, J. P. Walter, W. M. Hand and John Osborn, the members of the town board were requested to circulate copies of the petition.

The question of a town pier at the foot of Jefferson street came up for discussion, and on motion of John Osborn a committee consisting of Russell Saine and Dr. Tall-man was requested to ascertain the cost of a substantial pier, built ia sections, 8 feet -wide and 100 feet long, and to report at the next meeting of the club.

John Osborn presented the mat ter of a Carnegie library building He believed that it would be possible for Culver to secure a donation from Mr. Carnegie. On his (motion, President S. E. Med-bourn named a committee consist-ing of S. C. Shilling and T. E. Slattery to go to Plymouth and Kewanna and ascertain all the facts necessary to get such a proposition before Mr. Carnegie and to report at the next meeting At the request of the members of the committee Mr. Osborn was ap pointed as a third member.

The report of the auditing com mittee showed that there was $104.25 in the hands of Ex-Treasurer J. R Saine, which amount was turned over to the new treasurer, D. H. Smith.

The club adjourned to meet this (Thursday) evening.

Culver Citizen - April 16, 1914

Library Honor Roll

Library Honor Roll

Contributions of books for the public library are coming in day by day. The number is now over 350. There ought to be 1,000 volumes on the shelves by May 1. This number is easily possible if the people will take hold of the project. Nothing better for the people of Culver and Union township has been instituted in many years. The pleasure and profit to be derived from free access to an abundance of good reading is worth while making an effort for. The more each individual puts into a library the more he is able to take out.

Following are the names of persons who have donated books since last week:

Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Slattery, Benj. Easterday,

Mr. and Mrs. P. R. McLane, Vada Burch,

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Morris,

H. H. Tallman,

Jesse Pettis,

Alice Overmyer,

Deane Walker,

Charles Easterday,

Mrs. M. Shewmaker,

Amanda Easterday,

Rose Buswell,

J E. Young,

Gladys Porter,

W. J. Curtis,

Kenneth Howard,

Bernice Howard,

Evelyn Howard,

Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Howard.

W. M. Hand and wife.

Culver Citizen - August 20, 1914

The Public Library

The Public Library

To the Public:

The undersigned, members of the temporary committee appointed at the citizens' meeting to take charge of the preliminary arrangements for organizing a public library for Culver and Union township, with a view to securing a Carnegie library building, are advised of the appointment by Judge Ber-netha of the following persons to serve for two years as members of the permanent library board: Rev. A. J. Michael, A. B. Holt and Edna Stahl. The town and school boards will each appoint two additional members at an early date.

In this connection we desire to express our appreciation of the liberal donations of books which we have received, and also of the en couragement we have received from the people of Culver and Union township and the cottagers around the lake. We have advanced the library project as rapidly as seemed possible in view of the fact that the summer season is our busiest time.

We hope to receive further donations of books from those who are interested in our efforts. Send them to the Exchange bank.

The library is now open to the public on Tuesday and Saturday afternoons from 2 to 4 o'clock.

John P. Walter, president; T. E. Slattery, secretary; S. C. Shilling, treasurer; Willard Zechiel, Doher-ty Sheerin. W. S. Easterday, Ar-thur Morris.

Culver Citizen - October 1, 1914

Library Board Organized

Library Board Organized

The library board was organized Tuesday evening and the following officers elected: President, Dr. Parker; vice-president, Dr. Norris; secretary, Mrs. W. O. Osborn.

The board is now in a position to unite with the township members, and ask for the tax levy.

Culver Citizen - October 15, 1914

Library Levy is Made

The Advisory Board Makes it Possible for Union Township to Have a $10,000 Building
Library Levy is Made

At a second meeting of the township advisory board, held Tuesday evening, a levy of five-tenths of a mill on the $1 assessed valuation of the township was ordered for public library purposes. As the assessed valuation is over $1,400,000 this will produce a little, more than $700, which, in addition to the one mill levy by the town board, will create a library fund of about $1,100. This will justify the library board in asking the Carnegie corporation for a donation of at least $10,000 for building purposes. The result of the action of the tax levying boards is highly gratifying. Let the campaign be started for the purchase of a lot. The people should undertake this with pride and enthusiasm. We

have no doubt of the outcome. The money can be raised by individual subscriptions. The building will be owned jointly by the town and township and will prove to be a valuable convenience to the country people as it will contain a rest room and public comfort stations besides an auditorium in which farmers' institutes and other public meetings can be held.

The Citizen last week did the town board an injustice in stating that it had made a levy of two-tenths of a mill; the levy was one mill, the full limit allowed by law. The members of the board are among our most progressive and intelligent citizens and fully appreciate the value of a library to the community.

Culver Citizen - December 10, 1914

Progress of the Library

Progress of the Library

At the regular monthly meeting of the public library board Monday night the deed and abstract of the Shilling lot on Main street were presented and ordered to be sent to an attorney for examination.

A committee was appointed to make arrangements for the permanent services of an attorney to represent the board.

The subscription papers for securing the lot were placed before the board for inspection. They contained about 70 names representing $755. All over $600 goes, with the consent of the givers, to the library board. The subscription papers are being held open, as many people, especially out of town, have signified a desire to be represented with some amount, and the soliciting committee found it impossible to make an extended canvass prior to Monday night. The subscription papers will be found at Trustee Easterday's office where it is hoped a good many dollars will be subscribed. All surplus above the $600 can be used to advantage to meet current expenses before the June tax money is received, and later on the surplus can be carried to the building fund or to the furnishing of the building.

It was voted to secure larger quarters at once in order to open a reading room, and the hours for the library were fixed at 2 to 5 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons and 6 to 9 every week day evening.

Culver Citizen - December 24, 1914

Librarian is Chosen

Board Engages Miss Zola Moss to Take Charge - Rooms Over the Hardware Secured
Librarian is Chosen

Seventeen applications for the position of librarian were presented at the meeting of the library board Monday night, as follows: Iva

Smith, Effie Low, Zulie A. Cline, Mrs. Mabel Randell Buchanan, Mrs. Carrie E. Hoff, Eva Hinshaw, Mrs. Chas. G. McLane, Mrs. Charity Stahl, Bess Easterday, Vernon McLane, Mabel Crossland, George Zechiel, Henry Zechiel, Mrs. V. D. Elick, Zola Moss, Grace Voreis and Eugenia McFarland. The choice fell on Miss Moss.

A special committe reported that it had made a verbal contract with Urias Menser for the front four rooms over the hardware store at $5 per month, and in addition had arranged with Mrs. Oberlin, the recent tenant, to use her furniture at a rental of $4 per month. Mr. Menser agrees to wire the rooms. The renting of rooms already furnished will relieve the board of the necessity of the expense of buying rugs, tables, chairs, etc.-for a time, at least. With volunteer help from some of the high school boys it is expected to move the books next Monday, and to open the rooms for library and reading purposes soon after Jan. 1 with the new librarian in charge.

It was voted to pay Miss Bess Easterday $1 a week for her services as librarian during the 18 weeks that she will have served. Miss Easterday volunteered her services last August, but the board felt that she deserved something more than thanks.

A letter was received from the Carnegie corporation stating that Culver-Union township's application for money for a building would be acted upon at the next meeting of the corporation. The date of the meeting was not given.

Several matters of routine were passed upon and the board adjourned to meet the first Monday in January.

The library board is hoping that some of its interested friends will present it with a year's subscription to some of the magazines and periodicals, both for adult and children's reading. There are no funds available now-and will not be before next July-and whatever expense is incurred will have to be met by the members of the board borrowing on their personal security. Consequently any help extended will be doubly appreciated at this time.

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