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Culver Citizen - May 27, 1917

Library Hours

Library Hours

The public library is open from 2 to 5:30 and 7 to 9. Saturday 1 to 5.

Culver Citizen - October 3, 1917

Library Fund is Exceeded

Library Fund is Exceeded

The women members of the library board and the librarian, Miss Moss, have made a success of their campaign for raising Culver's apportionment of $50 for the war library fund and have exceeded the amount nearly 60 per cent, raising $84.35. This means that 84 new books will be sent to the soldier boys in camp and trenches of France, and as these 84 books are expected to last a year and will go through the hands of a greater number the contributors will take satisfaction in the thought that they have done their bit to help cheer the lonely hours of our lads so far away from home.

Culver Citizen - November 14, 1917

New Books For Library

New Books For Library

The following volumes comprise Mrs. Marmon's donations during the past summer:

Light in the Clearing, Bacheller. Greeen Mantle, Buchan. Way of All Flesh, Butler. Understood Betsey, Canfield. Shadow. Line, Conrad. Carry On, Dawson. Life of the Grasshopper, Fabre, Hunting Wasps, Fabre. A Son of the Middle Border. Tales of the Labrador, Grenfell. Scally, Ian Hay. French Revolution and Napoleon. Recollections of a Happy Life. Buying a Horse, Howells. Years of my Youth, Howells. My Home in the Field of Honor. Green Mansions, Shepherd's Life and Idle Days in Patagonia, Hudson. Portrait of a Lady, Henry James. Roderick Hudson, Henry James. Wayside Flowers of Summer. Women of Belgium. His Own Country, Kester. Casuals of the Sea. Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf. Nationalism and Internationalism The Lovers, Pennel. The Worn Doorstep. The Sailor. Sea Plunder. My Mother and I. Greek and Roman Mythology. El Supremo.

The following are Mrs. Marmon's contributions during the past week or two:

My War Diary, Waddington. The Old World Through Old Eyes. Soul of a Bishop, Wells. Rings, Kuns. Black Sheep, Mackenzie. Fishing With a Worm. Military and Colonial History of the United States, Elihu Root. The Gold Cache. On the Edge of the War Zone. These Lynnekers. Within the Tides, Conrad. An Essay on the Civilization of India, China and Japan, Dickins'n. Brazil, L. E. Elliott.

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