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Culver Citizen - January 28, 1920

Library Notes

Library Notes

The circulation for December was 1,059.

All the Scribners, World's Works, Atlantics and Geographic Magazines have been nicely bound into 16 volumes.

The work of cataloguing the library is progressing. Cards are used which will be accessible to the patrons.

Culver Citizen - May 5, 1920

New Library Books

New Library Books

These new 3-cents-a-day books have been added to the library:

Lamp in Desert, by author of Great-heart Dell.

Man of the Forest, Zane Grey.

The Great Impersonation, Oppen-heim.

Culver Citizen - October 13, 1920

New Library Books

New Library Books

The following books have been received and placed on the pay shelf:

The Prairie Mother- Stringer. Homespun Tales- Wiggin. Top of the World-Dell. Valley of Silent Men- Curwood. Harriet and the Piper- Norris. Exit Betty- Hill. Affinities- R hinehart. This Side of Paradise- Fitzgerald. The River's End- Curwood.

Forty-three traveling library books are also being received.

Culver Citizen - November 10, 1920

New Books For Library

New Books For Library

An additional Donation of books by Mrs. Marmon to the public library includes the following:

Now it Can be Told - Gibbs. Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice - Leacock. Degradation of the Democratic Dogma - Adams, Henry. Secret of Battle - Herbert. Portraits of American Women - Bradford. Life of Gen. Willia mBooth- Bigbee. Vacation of the Relwyns - Howells. Miss Lulu Betts Gale, Zona. Voyage Out - Woolfe. Pierre E. Joseph - Bazin. Colas Breuguon - Rolland. Great Desire - Black. Landscape Painter - James, Henry. Outland-Austin, Mary. Basil Everman - Singmaster, Elsie. Stranger - Bullard Arthur.

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